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We've been blogging since 2003, first as League of Melbotis, and - since 2010 - as The Signal Watch. Over the years, we've covered all sorts of content, but for the last several years, we've focused primarily on film, especially movies based on superhero comics and, of late, film noir.

 In 2018, we made the jump from writing to podcasting. It's been a real kick working with my co-contributors as we put together more than 35 podcasts in the first year alone! A quick perusal will find us talking Disney history, superhero movies, high school movies, James Bond, holiday-specific film and more!

So, why are we passing the hat?

Podcasting doesn't cost a lot, but it does cost *something*. We're looking to defray the costs of production and hosting. That's about it! We're still doing this for fun rather than for profit, so we're not going to ask for buckets of cash. And because our costs are very predictable, we're going to set it up in a way that's as cheap for you as possible, but maybe make this a bit more affordable for us to do.

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