The Signal Watch Policy!

Keep It on the Sunny Side

The primary function of this site is the discussion of funnybooks, media, pop culture and entertainment. It doesn't mean we won't talk about media that may have weightier issues, but we're not here to prove how smart we are by participating in the internet's favorite sport: nitpick because its easy.

That doesn't mean we won't talk about likes and dislikes, but we're here for fun and to encourage fun.  We want to post more about good things, things we can recommend, fun things, the wacky and the awesome, and less complaining.

All comments will be watched and moderated as deemed appropriate by the blog owner.  Any communication you may wish to have regarding comments should take place via email with the blog owner.

Behaviors that will get your comments booted:
  1. Personal or ad hominem attacks on another commenter, a regular commenter, or anyone associated with the blog
  2. Overzealous use of profanity
  3. Comments that may be considered unintentionally hurtful to other users will be removed and brought to the attention of the party leaving the comment
  4. Comments which directly attack the personal, religious or other beliefs of a user (this does not include debate regarding political issues.  The blog owner will retain the right to decide what is fair and balanced).
  5. Excessive and abusive commenting by anonymous parties
  6. Spambots not welcome
When Commenting:

  1. Read the actual column and what I actually said. 
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Think through what you're trying to say and say that, not some little nugget sound bite that will make me think you sound a little, I hate to say it, not all that with it (ie - uninformed and/ or dumb).  I put consideration and time into the columns (some of the time, anyway), and I spend time writing responses.  Its a two-way street.

    You may address any commenting issue with the blog owner at any time, via email.

    Reviewing materials provided by a marketing or media company at no cost

    The blog owner:
    1. will accept materials for review, provided to him for the purpose of review.  Media companies may reach us under the contact tab.
    2. is under no obligation to provide a positive review of items provided to him for review.
    3. will announce whether he intends to keep any review materials or whether he wishes to give the item away to readers prior to review.

    Discussing Music

    Hey, we all like music, and clearly have better taste than some other jerk.  We may have discussed music in the past, but that era has ended.  For more on this topic, click here.


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