Friday, January 4, 2013

Movies 2012 - The Final Commentary

As mentioned before, I watched and blogged movies 147 times, sort of.  Anyway, the point is, I watched John Carter 3 times, and never regretted it.  Process everything in the rest of this post* with that in mind.

So, the actual experience of deciding to blog every movie for a year was sort of in line with other "for a year I shall..." plans I've had.  Like the year I went vegetarian, just to be difficult. Yes, I did this.

Honestly, I think I was probably way down on number of movies viewed this past year.  I don't know how many movies people normally watch, but I know that for the first time in 5 years, my attendance at the Alamo and Paramount this summer was significantly lower than usual.

All that also took a financial toll in past years, and I've been cutting back on Alamo visits to try to better maintain our finances.  I'm guessing I still hit the movies more than the average bear, but it did feel like a down year for being at the theater, but maybe I made up for that in Cable viewership and watching home video.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Movies 2012 - Breaking It Down

In 2012, I watched movies 147 times.

That's roughly 2.8 movies per week.  I don't know if that's low or high.  It probably explains why I don't watch as much series TV if that's 5 - 7 hours of TV viewing time per week.

You can read posts in which I discuss the movies of 2012 at the Movies 2012 label.


The number 147 includes only the movies I watched in their entirety - from beginning to end.  That number does not include partially watched movies.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 2012 Not-a-List Rundown

author's note:  2012 is a year I have been looking to put behind me for quite a while for any number of reasons.  Obviously the events in my personal life marked a very sad end to the year for us at our house.  Perhaps we should declare 2012 Annus Horribilis and move on.

With recent events weighing so heavily on me right now (and with this post started a long, long time ago), I'm going to stick to pop culture and the original, intended tone of the post - and this blog - and take a look back instead at...  yeah, I guess comics and whatnot.

here we go.

The 2012 Not-a-List Rundown

My Totem for Everything About my Pop Culture Hobbies in 2012

My relationship fundamentally changed with my hobbies and past-times, and superhero comics have begun to dip below the horizon to the same place Star Wars went circa 2002.  Because of travelling and the fact I was sick a lot this year, I also didn't really make it out to the movies very often.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jamie's Mom Has Passed

It's with tremendous difficulty that I write this post.

About a week before Christmas, Jamie's mother entered the hospital.  Despite excellent care and the best efforts of the medical staff, Judy passed early this morning.  As I am sure I will be asked, Judy had suffered a stroke in August, and in the days before Christmas, she suffered another serious stroke which was followed by a couple of smaller episodes.

Many of you have followed Jamie and me for a long time on this site or the prior site where Judy often participated under the name "m-i-l" (mother-in-law), and some of you have met us or even met Judy at some point.  Or, you may have simply seen her name or photo here at the site.  

This is an extremely difficult time for us, and I hope you'll understand any internet silence that occurs during the next days or weeks.

Now isn't the time for an extended post, but I hope you'll take a moment today and think of Judy, Jamie, Doug and Dick.