Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Comic Book Day - May 1, 2010

Where will I be on Saturday? I'll be at Austin Books and Comics on Lamar in Austin for Free Comic Book Day!

Your local comic shop is likely participating in FCBD this year, and a lot of comic shops have found great ways to turn FCBD into an event. I've been to Austin Books enough times to know its going to be a kick in the pants.

It doesn't mean ALL of the comics are free, but there will be a load of comics of all sorts, from Superman to Archie to Sonic the Hedgehog. Looks like a lot of comics are good for kids, like Shrek and Toy Story.

So if you have a chance next Saturday, find your local comic shop, and see what they have going on!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Watch Wind 4/23/2010

Comics/ TV: Sounds like WB has shelved the Teen Titans in favor "Young Justice" for an upcoming cartoon. The omissions in the lineup are as interesting as those they included. We get Kon-El/ Superboy, but no Cassie/ Wonder Girl? Arrowette instead of Speedy?

There's a link here, too, with a bunch of new shows comings to Cartoon Network. The Regular Show looks promising.

Movies: Austin's Paramount Theater has announced its summer lineup, and its surprisingly pop. I'm quite pleased. Something to see every week or so.

I want to see "Giant" on the big screen. And... I confess that not only have I never seen "Breathless", I have no idea what its about. I am going to try to go see it completely cold. Also: Anyone else up for "A Night at the Opera"? "Shane"?

Movies/ TV: I haven't talked to her in years, but an old co-worker of mine will have her documentary shown on PBS's "Independent Lens". The movie is called "Sunshine", and seems completely autobiographical. Check it out.

Superman/ Movies: While we were gone, "The Dark Knight" director Chris Nolan was named by WB execs to be sheparding a new Superman movie. Given what happens in Hollywood, this is about as good a news as we can expect when it comes to the Man of Steel. Producer Michael Uslan pipes up on the topic.

Movies: Paul T and Erin of Sunday Screenings joined myself and SimonUK for the new series at the Paramount, "Cinema Club" when we went to see "Bride of Frankenstein" with a mini-lecture and Q&A. At any rate, I plan to announce events like that in the local area, and see if any readers would like to join me (and often Jamie) for a night out. I'll be going to see "Night Nurse" at the Ritz on May 2.

Comics: Archie comics has decided to add the first openly gay character to the cast. Times they-are-a-changin' at Archie comics (and we at The Signal Watch support this change). But if I can nitpick (and I will), the hair style they chose for this new character seems oddly out of place in Riverdale. He needs more pomade.

Comics: With the Marvel/ Disney merger, I didn't expect Spidey to need to moonlight... Real guy in real spidey suit washes windows. In Dubai. Making Dubai even more awesome.

Superman: I've seen this painting copied and used elsewhere, and always liked it, but didn't know DC had sort of misplaced the original back in the 1950's. Well, DC may have lost it, but its been kicking around Lehman College in the Bronx for most of that time. Interesting to us Superman nuts.

Awesome: In many ways, I believe my entire life has been leading up to this video:

thanks to Randy. And, yes, this video is sort of like (well, exactly like) when Randy and I spend time together.

First (sort of real) Post

Welcome to the first post at The Signal Watch!

We welcome back fans or followers of Vol. 1, "League of Melbotis".

We're still not sure what's going to happen with this, the second volume of League of Melbotis, but, once again, here we are looking at the same batch of bits on the tubes.

One goal I have for Signal Watch is to reduce the "blogging about blogging" issue that cropped up oh-so-often at League of Melbotis. But... It seems a bit silly not to at least (a) welcome back readers from League of Melbotis, and (b) welcome any and all new readers.

In addition to the actual writing, what's fun for me is when we're talking in the comments. So, I encourage you, the currently unnamed readers of this blog, to comment loudly and often.

We'll be trying some new things. I am going to talk to Paul at Sunday Screenings and SimonUK about some sort of Summer Cinema Club for Austinites. We'll be helping Jamie with her taste test experiments. I'm considering some sort of video installments.

We'll also be returning to the old stand-by's and talking movies (new and old), comics (new and old), robots, dames, science and space, a little about TV, etc... It's early days, so if you've got an idea, pitch it!

Also, let's do this as a community thing. If you've got a blog, let's chat. We'll figure something out.

Now, I have no idea what we'll call ourselves at The Signal Watch. I suppose I'm no longer "the League", and you are no longer "Leaguers", so any help in determining how we organize ourselves and what we call ourselves: appreciated.

Anyhow, I'm going to keep it brief.

One thing of which I am certain... at some point in the not-too-distant future, I'll look at this post and be a bit surprised that things took a turn in a direction that wasn't outlined in any master plan that I'd started.

So... are there any questions before we begin?