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2015 - A Year in Movies (Let's Talk Numbers!)

When I came back to the site at the end of 2014, I picked up in 2015 with enough hubris and energy to decide to write about each movie I watched this year.  Unless something weird happens in the next few hours, I am able to accurately state that I posted on every movie I watched which I watched in its entirety in calendar year 2015.

I did not mention every movie I did not watch all the way through, usually because I tuned in for a bit to a movie I'd seen before and wouldn't bother to finish or came in very late.  I also didn't do full write-ups of a few movies, but no one seemed to mind that I had nothing to say about Spies Like Us.

So, in this post - let's talk numbers.  I'll give out awards later.

For the breakdown on a spreadsheet, feel free to click here.  It's also at the bottom of the post, if you hate clicking things.

As of 2:18 PM on December 31, 2015 I watched and said something about 181 movies.  

The last time I kept count was 2012, when I watched just 136 movies.  As I recall, we were watching a lot more TV that year and I was working like crazy.

That said - that's a whole 45 more movies, at about 1.75 hours a piece, that's about 79 more hours of movies - or two working weeks.  Plus, I dunno, maybe 45 minutes per post.  That's about 34 hours of post-time.  So, a total of about 113 hours more than 2012.

(edit:  I actually checked and back in 2012, we were double-posting movies a lot.  It was 136 posts and 147 movies.  Corrected numbers - 34 more movies in 2015, an average of 59.5 hours of movies, 25.5 hours of posts, so - let's call it 85 hours more than 2012).


If we figure 181 movies at 2.5 hours of watching and posting, that's 452.5 hours I've give you people this year, or more than 11 weeks of work.  And it's likely more than that as a lot of the movies were more than 1.75 hours, so let's not think too hard about this before I start really worrying about what I'm doing with my life.

Anyway, here we go...

Categories and Sub-Categories:

I broke the movies down into some simple major categories.  Of course, this is how I think of the films, and you may find, say, Predator a drama, where I categorized it as science-fiction with a sub-category of action, I think.

I also counted each viewing of a movie as a separate movie.  For example, we saw Star Wars:  The Force Awakens two times, and so it appears as two separate viewings or movies.  

Major Categories (if my math is right):
  • Action - 16
  • Adventure - 13
  • Comedy - 46
  • Documentary - 3
  • Drama - 32
  • Horror - 19
  • Musical - 5
  • Sci-Fi - 29
  • Thriller - 18
Now, of course, you could cross-list any of these.  Action and Adventure would be 29 movies, and a huge portion of those 29 Sci-Fi movies are Action and/ or Adventure.  So, we're now up to about 58 "Action/ Adventure" films.  I don't think categories are meaningless, but it can get pretty fuzzy pretty fast.

For Sub-Categories, it gets even hazier.  But I did use some of the Major Categories as Sub-Categories.  Example - Predator is Sci-Fi/ Action.  And Musicals, for example, are always a Musical Comedy or Musical Drama, so they got slightly more important sub-categories.  But I also didn't go nuts to turn this into a science.

Not everything got a sub-category, so don't expect this to add up to 181.

It shakes out looking like this for our Major Categories as Sub-Categories:
  • Action - 11
  • Adventure - 8
  • Comedy - 9 
  • Drama - 6
  • Horror - 2
  • Sci-Fi - 1 (Weird Science as Comedy/ Sci-Fi)
  • Thriller - 1

For other Sub-Categories:
  • Superhero - 13
  • Noir - 25
  • Animated - 7
  • Apes - 2
  • Bond - 5
  • Disney (live action) - 4
  • Fantasy - 3
  • Historical - 3
  • Holiday - 7
  • Marx Bros. - 1
  • Monster - 5
  • Screwball - 2
  • Spoof - 1
  • Sports - 1
  • Star Wars - 5
  • Surreal - 1
  • Universal Horror - 7
  • Western - 2

Of course we cover a lot of Superhero movies, and we did take on all the Captain America film solo-films this year.  And, of course, a few Superman viewings were thrown in there.  

We're always digging into more Noir, but I was genuinely surprised to see I'd hit 25 Noir films.   It's a broad category, everything from John Wick to Sunset Boulevard, and is maybe the most blurry across genre-lines, but I'm not sure how else to do this.

By Decade:

  • 1920 - 1929:  1
  • 1930 - 1939:  12
  • 1940 - 1949:  23
  • 1950 - 1959:  22
  • 1960 - 1969:  12
  • 1970 - 1979:  17
  • 1980 - 1989:  42
  • 1990 - 1999:  13
  • 2000 - 2009:  8
  • 2010 - 2015:  31

Movies released in 2015:  17

This kind of came as a surprise.  I mean, 42 movies from the 1980's seems like a lot, but... I am a Gen X'er, we were doing "Dumb 80's Movie Night" for a while at our house on Fridays, and it's no small amount of nostalgia as I was 5 in April 1980 and grew up primarily in the 1980's and caught many of the 1980's movies on VHS in the 90's if not in the 1980's.  Of all 42 of those 1980's movies, only 3 of them were movies I watched for the first time.

I also am surprised to see how few movies I watched from the 1960's and 70's.  I would have expected a more even spread across 1940 - 1979.  Not that I think there's a moral victory to achieve that sort of thing, but if you'd asked me, I'd have probably said "yeah, I watched about the same number of movies from the 40's - 70's."  Not so much.  And as fascinating as I find the movie industry of the 60's, I'd have figured I'd have been focusing that way a bit more.

C'est la vie.

Seen at the Theater:

Jamie suggested we also look at how many movies we saw in the theater.

21.  It's not as many as I may have seen in the theater once upon a time, but it's a fair number of outings.

Of those screenings, 14 were new movies, but - really, only 12 were "new to me" movies as we saw both Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice each out at the cinema.

Seen For the First Time:

This year we saw 74 movies for the first time, which means we saw 107 movies for a second, third or 78th time.  

I'm a bit disappointed in the ratio here, and I think next year I'll work to even that number or surpass it.  Granted - some of these movies I hadn't seen in forever and wanted a refresher as it had been a tremendously long time since I'd seen them.  It often feels worth re-trenching those folds in the brain and securing the synapses dedicated to the movies.

In our next post we'll talk favorites of new and old movies seen, but for now - hey, 74 new movies ain't that bad, I hope.

And, etc...

I have no idea if 181 movies is a lot of movies or not.  It seems like it, but there's always someone out there who'll pop up and say "I watched 2000 movies this year."  And to those people I say "you need to get out more."  

We also watched a lot of TV, so that's a lot of hours logged in front of the ol' tube this year.

The weirdest part of this process is looking back at the posts by title and realizing you already don't remember some of the movies you watched - at least by name.  A look at the poster and it usually comes back to me, but some of the movies I forgot almost immediately after watching them and writing them up.  One that now sticks out is the Bogart Thriller-Noir Conflict, which I am only aware of at the moment because I had completely forgotten I'd watched/ it existed it until I looked at the post.

But a big part of the reason I even do the write-ups is so that I can better remember the movies and consider them better within the same 

 In Conclusion:

I dunno.  I'm not doing this next year.  It's hard to justify this amount of time.  I'm not sure what formula I'll use, but it won't be "blog all the movies".  I do feel I learned a bit about what I was watching and saw new connections and better appreciated some of what I'd seen before.

I have no idea if anyone is getting anything out of these posts, so I'll say thanks to the folks who might be out there in internet land reading them.  Data is interesting to someone, so I might as well put it out there for myself and maybe a casual onlooker.

Early in the New Year, I'll put together some sort of awards.  We're going to call them "The Jimmies".

The Complete List in order by date of Blog Post:

NameYearGenre 1Genre 2FirstDateTheater
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, The1984Sci-FiComedyN1/10/2015N
A League of Their Own1992ComedyHistoricalN1/10/2015N
Imitation Game, The2014DramaY1/11/2015Y
Jurassic Park1993Sci-FiAdventureN1/15/2015N
Producers, The1967ComedyY1/17/2015N
Hudsucker Proxy1994ComedyN1/17/2015N
Red Dragon2002ThrillerY1/19/2015N
To Live and Die in LA1985ThrillerActionY1/20/2015N
Raising Arizona1987ComedyN1/24/2015N
Three Days of the Condor1975ThrillerDramaY1/29/2015N
Trading Places1983ComedyN1/31/2015N
Captain America2011AdventureSuperheroN1/31/2015N
Big Lebowski1998ComedyNoirN2/6/2015N
Big Heat, The1953DramaNoirN2/22/2015N
2010: The Year We Make Contact1984Sci-FiN2/23/2015N
Fifty Shades of Grey2015DramaY2/23/2015Y
High Wall1947ThrillerNoirY3/1/2015N
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986Sci-FiAdventureN3/1/2015N
Love Crazy1941ComedyScrewballY3/11/2015N
Odd Couple, The1968ComedyY3/12/2015N
Bride, The1985DramaHorrorY3/12/2015N
Right Stuff, THe1983DramaHistoricalN3/17/2015N
Three Caballeros1944MusicalAnimatedY3/18/2015N
Three Amigos1986ComedyAdventureN3/21/2015N
Major League1989ComedySportsN3/21/2015N
Abominable Dr. Phibes, The1971HorrorY3/22/2015N
Waiting for Guffman1996ComedyN3/22/2015N
Ghost Goes West, The1936ComedyFantasyY3/27/2015N
Johnny Dangerously1984ComedyN3/28/2015N
China Syndrome, The1979DramaThrillerY4/2/2015N
Killer is Loose, The1956ThrillerNoirY4/3/2015N
Superman: The Movie1977AdventureSuperheroN4/11/2015N
Guardians of the Galaxy2014Sci-FiSuperheroN4/11/2015N
While the City Sleeps1956DramaNoirY4/17/2015N
Edge of Tomorrow2014Sci-FiActionY4/19/2015N
Hunger, The1983DramaHorrorN4/21/2015N
They Drive By Night1940DramaNoirY4/24/2015N
Let's Be Cops2014ComedyY4/26/2015N
House of Wax1953HorrorN5/1/2015N
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014ActionSuperheroN5/16/2015N
Avengers: Age of Ultron2015ActionSuperheroY5/16/2015Y
Mad Max: Fury Road2015Sci-FiActionY5/20/2015Y
Arsenic and Old Lace1944ComedyN5/21/2015N
Big Hero 62014Sci-FiAnimatedY5/23/2015N
They Live1988Sci-FiActionN5/25/2015N
From Here to Eternity1953DramaY5/30/2015N
On the Town1949MusicalComedyN5/31/2015Y
Captain America1979AdventureSuperheroN6/3/2015N
Captain America II: Death Too Soon1979AdventureSuperheroN6/4/2015N
Captain America1990AdventureSuperheroN6/6/2015N
Mad Max: Fury Road2015Sci-FiActionN6/6/2015Y
Gun Crazy1950ThrillerNoirN6/16/2015N
Nightmare Alley1947ThrillerNoirN6/19/2015N
West Side Story1961MusicalDramaN6/20/2015N
Bringing Up Baby1938ComedyscrewballN6/21/2015N
Thing From Another World, The1951Sci-FiMonsterY6/21/2015N
Logan's Run1976Sci-FiAdventureN6/25/2015N
Godzilla, King of the Monsters1956DramaMonsterN6/28/2015N
Superman: The Movie1978AdventureSuperheroN6/28/2015Y
A Deadly Adoption2015DramaComedy?Y6/28/2015N
Wet Hot American Summer2001ComedyN7/2/2015N
Johnny Tremain1957AdventureDisneyN7/3/2015N
Bell, Book and Candle1958ComedyFantasyY7/4/2015N
Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938AdventureActionN7/8/2015N
Key Largo1948ThrillerNoirY7/8/2015N
Red Light1949ThrillerNoirY7/12/2015N
Treasure Island1950AdventureDisneyN7/12/2015N
Third Man, The1949ThrillerNoirN7/14/2015Y
Tarzan the Ape Man1932ActionApesY7/16/2015N
Top Secret1984ComedyN7/17/2015N
Spies Like Us1985ComedyN7/17/2015N
99 River Street1953DramaNoirN7/18/2015N
Sharknado 32015ComedyActionY7/24/2015N
Every Which Way But Loose1978ComedyActionY7/25/2015N
Weird Science1985ComedySci-fiN7/26/2015N
Army of Darkness1992ActionComedyN7/28/2015N
Double Indemnity1944ThrillerNoirN7/29/2015N
It Came From Outer Space1953Sci-FiMonsterY8/4/2015N
Real Genius1985ComedyN8/6/2015N
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954AdventureDisneyN8/7/2015N
Keep, The1983Sci-FiDramaN8/9/2015N
Finding Rin-Tin-Tin2007ComedyDramaY8/9/2015N
Shaun the Sheep2015ComedyAnimatedY8/9/2015Y
Possessed 1947DramaNoirY8/11/2015N
Caryl of the Mountains1936AdventureY8/12/2015N
Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)2014DramaComedyY8/13/2015N
Duck Soup1933ComedyMarx Bros.N8/15/2015N
Beware, My Lovely1952ThrillerNoirY8/16/2015N
Gone With the Wind1939DramaPeriodN8/20/2015N
Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, The1947ComedyY8/22/2015N
Once Upon a Time in the West1968DramaWesternN8/23/2015N
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut2006ActionSuperheroN8/24/2015Y
On Her Majesty's Secret Service1969ActionBondY8/25/2015N
Blue Thunder1983ThrillerN8/30/2015N
John Wick2014ActionNoirY8/30/2015N
Getaway, The1972ActionY9/2/2015N
Now, Voyager1942DramaY9/6/2015N
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes2014Sci-FiApesN9/7/2015N
Day The Earth Stood Still, The1951Sci-FiDramaN9/10/2015N
American Movie1999DocumentaryN9/11/2015N
I Am Big Bird: The Carroll Spinney Story2014DocumentaryY9/11/2015N
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace1987AdventureSuperheroN9/14/2015Y
Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte1964ThrillerY9/17/2015N
Evil Dead, The1981HorrorN9/19/2015N
Repo Man1984Sci-FiComedyN9/19/2015N
Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers1956Sci-FiY9/23/2015N
Rocky Horror Picture Show1975MusicalComedyN9/27/2015N
Evil Dead 21987HorrorComedyN9/29/2015N
Blades of Glory2007ComedySpoofN10/1/2015N
Masters of the Universe1987Sci-FiAdventureN10/3/2015N
Dark of the Sun1968DramaAdventureY10/4/2015N
Hills Have Eyes, The1977HorrorY10/4/2015N
A Nightmare on Elm Street1984HorrorN10/4/2015N
Mummy, The1932HorrorUniversalN10/5/2015N
Somewhere in Time1980DramaDramaN10/5/2015N
Phantom of the Opera1925HorrorUniversalN10/9/2015N
Ed Wood1994ComedyN10/10/2015N
Creature Walks Among Us, The1957HorrorUniversalY10/11/2015N
Martian, The2015Sci-FiY10/11/2015Y
Valley Girl1983ComedyN10/12/2015N
Black Cat, The1934HorrorUniversalN10/18/2015N
Monster Squad, The1987AdventureMonsterN10/24/2015N
Haunting, The1963HorrorN10/26/2015N
An American Werewolf in London1981HorrorMonsterN10/26/2015N
Revenge of the Creature1955HorrorUniversalY10/28/2015N
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark1988ComedyN10/30/2015N
Bride of Frankenstein1935HorrorUniversalN10/31/2015N
Cowboys, The1972DramaWesternY11/6/2015N
Holy Mountain1973DramaSurrealY11/7/2015N
Peanuts Movie2015ComedyAnimatedY11/8/2015Y
Bridge of Spies2015DramaHistoricalY11/8/2015Y
Inside Out2015ComedyAnimatedY11/8/2015N
Pulp Fiction1994ThrillerComedyN11/11/2015N
Mad Love1935HorrorY11/12/2015N
Unsuspected, The1947ThrillerNoirN11/12/2015N
Best in Show2000ComedyN11/19/2015N
Pootie Tang2001ComedyActionN11/22/2015N
Jingle All the Way1996ComedyHolidayN11/26/2015N
Glass Key, The1942DramaNoirN11/29/2015N
To Have and Have Not1945DramaNoirY12/6/2015N
It's a Wonderful Life1946DramaHolidayN12/6/2015N
Miracle on 34th Street1947ComedyHolidayN12/9/2015N
Toy Story1995ComedyAnimatedN12/10/2015N
Christmas in Connecticut1944ComedyHolidayN12/13/2015N
Desk Set1957ComedyY12/13/2015N
Star Wars1977Sci-FiStar WarsN12/19/2015N
Star Wars: Force Awakens, The2015Sci-FiStar WarsY12/20/2015Y
White Christmas1954MusicalHolidayN12/21/2015N
Empire Strikes Back, The1983Sci-FiStar WarsN12/21/2015N
Return of the Jedi1983Sci-FiStar WarsN12/23/2015N
Dr. No1962ActionBondY12/25/2015N
From Russia With Love1963ActionBondN12/26/2015N
Star Wars: The Force Awaken2015Sci-FiStar WarsN12/27/2015Y
Sunset Boulevard1950DramaNoirN12/30/2015N

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