Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday Watch Party: In the Line of Duty 2 - The Super Cops (aka: Yes, Madam!)

I've dreamed of this one becoming available for our Friday-viewing pleasure.  I've never seen it, but it stars Oscar-contender Michelle Yeoh* and American Martial Arts phenom Cynthia Rothrock dubbed for some reason by a lady with a British accent.  

It's a chance for us to bear witness to acrobatics, flying kicks, slow-motion-bodies-falling-through-glass and all the best bits of mid-80's HK non-prestige cinema!   

Day:  02/24/2023
Time:  8:30 Central/ 6:30 Pacific
Service:  Amazon
Cost:  $0 for Amazon Prime subscribers

(link live 10 minutes prior to showtime)

*be still my heart

Noir Watch: Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)

Watched:  02/23/2023
Format:  TCM
Viewing:  First
Director:  King Vidor

The thing that might leap out at you watching Lightning Strikes Twice (1951) is that the film was written by a woman, based on a novel by a woman.  So while it's absolutely a grimy, desert noir, it's also not focused on a Dana Andrews floating into town and getting in over his head - it's Ruth Roman.  And the male characters of the film are certainly important, but they're not the show that you're here to see.*  This movie has terrific - I mean great - female characters who don't feel like they got knocked out of the "mother", "housewife", "nightclub girl" mold you may realize you've gotten too used to.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Happy 94th Birthday, James Hong!


James Hong, one of our greatest and most prolific actors, turned 94 yesterday!  

I mean, honestly, this man is a national treasure and one of the MVPs of movies and television.  Nothing he can't do or hasn't done. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

PodCast 233: "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" (1987) - A KTB PodCast w/ Danny, Stuart and Ryan

Watched: 02/10/2023
Format:  HBOmax
Viewing:  Unknown
Decade:  1980's
Director:  Sidney J Furie

For Danny's Superheroes Every Day blog

Well. It's time to talk about the final, and possibly flawed installment of the Christopher Reeve movies about the Big Blue Boy Scout. Join three fellows who have spent way too much time pondering Superman, Superman movies, and the cinema of the 1980's as they consider topics such as "should this story have been told?", "what could have been?" and "who cooks a duck in someone else's hotel suite?" It's a Kryptonian Thought Beast episode for the ages!



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President's Day: James Carter - the 39th President of the United States

Former President James "Jimmy" Carter is on my mind these days as he is, at age 98, entering hospice care.  

Perhaps now more famous and liked for his post-Presidential career than his time during office - a period during which I would not envy anyone who was in the White House - Carter may not be with us much longer, so now seems like an opportune time to remind all of us who Jimmy Carter is other than a nice old man who spends a lot of time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Carter was born and raised in Plains, Georgia, where his family had a peanut farm.  He would leave to go to college, finishing as a Naval Academy graduate, which led to his military service aboard submarines in both the Pacific and Atlantic fleets.  Clearly he had something going on upstairs as he was selected to study reactor technology as nuclear submarines came online.  Yes.  He's a nuclear engineer.  

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Raquel Watch Party Watch: Kansas City Bomber (1972)

Watched:  02/17/2023
Format:  Amazon Watch Party
Viewing:  First
Decade:  1970's
Director:  Jerrold Freedman

So...  Picking movies for Friday watch parties is always a challenge.  We talk over the movies, so it can't be anything too complicated.  It has to be fun because we're not watching a movie on a Friday to be miserable - and that's not the vibe for riffing, anyway.  

While Raquel Welch is an international icon, and I wanted to use the Watch Party to celebrate her the week of her passing, she is just as likely to play a supporting part as a lead.  But this was all about Ms. Welch, and thus I was also looking to find a movie in which she played the lead.  Plus, I like Roller Derby.  So, I picked Kansas City Bomber (1972), not really knowing much about it.  But that is not to say that I saw the trailers and was not dazzled that the romantic co-star was Kevin McCarthy.  I mean...