Monday, January 2, 2017

Movies 2016 - Crunching the Numbers

Time to crunch the numbers.

In 2016 I tagged every movie I watched from beginning to end with "Movies 2016".  I did not include movies I only watched in part.  I also did not include any Hallmark Channel holiday movies as I intended to do a post on those movies, but once again did not get my act together.

It is likely this is off by a count here or there, as I am not too worried about this being 100% accurate, but a snapshot of what I watched this year.

To view my numbers and a complete list of movies, you can look at the spreadsheet by clicking on this link.

We'll talk about the actual movies themselves in a follow-up post.

The Numbers

Total times a movie was watched:  165
Movies "new to me":  88

My goal for this year was to watch more movies that would be new to me, and I actually managed to watch a majority of new movies instead of just watching old movies as comfort food.  If I re-watched a movie that was new to me (example:  Rogue One), it only counted once as a "new" movie.  So I think I did okay.

Given how much baseball I wound up watching this year, the number of movies I watched in October while I know I was watching tons of ball - I kind of wonder how much I left the house that month.  But I do think it helps account for why I watched roughly 20 fewer movies this year than last year.

Viewed in each month

January:  13
February:  12
March:  12
April:  11
May:  16
June:  10
July:  17
August:  8
September:  13
October:  21
November:  12
December:  19

You can see the extra effort put in there in October and when I got busy with work, travel, etc...


Cable (live, DVR or InDemand):  36
Disc (DVD or BluRay):  62
Stream (Netflix, Amazon, etc...):  27
Theater:  40

I know a lot of people are off DVD's and BluRay, but (a) I own a lot of discs, (b) my friends bring over discs, and (c) my rental place has a superior collection to what's available streaming across Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

I also hit the theater about every week and a half, on average, but I know these were clustered as I hit the theater sometimes two or three times in a week and then didn't go back for a while.  But I did attend part of a film festival, and I am lucky to have retrospective screenings of favorite movies that play quite often at our multiple Alamo Drafthouse locations and the Paramount.

Just for the record - 28 of the 40 films I saw in the theater were "new to me".

Decade of Origin

1930:  12
1940:  19
1950:  11
1960:  13
1970:  20
1980:  25
1990:  10
2000:  10
2010:  45

I only watched one silent movie all year, so this tracks.  As I was also at the theater and looking for new movies a great deal, this also makes sense.  And, of course, the 1980's provided a great mine for a lot of movies I always enjoy re-watching.


The categories are a bit arbitrary, and I could have bumped up some numbers here or there.  Example - I didn't count Doctor Strange as a Fantasy movie, but a superhero movie from Marvel.

But, it does give an idea of what I was consuming this year.  None of this I found too surprising other than a higher-than-I-expected number of musicals.

Bond:  10
Bourne:  4
Coen Bros.  1
Disney:  7
Documentary:  7
Foreign:  4
Hammer:  4
Holiday:  8
Musical:  13
Noir:  13
Star Trek:  1
Star Wars:  6
Superhero:  22
Western:  5
Action:  61
Comedy:  31
Drama:  30
Family:  11
Horror:  23
Animal:  2
Animated:  5
Camp:  2
DC Comics:  10
Disaster:  1
Espionage:  15
Fantasy:  2
Historical:  3
Mad Science:  5
Marvel Comics:  10
MST3K/ RiffTrax:  4
Pulp:  10
Sci-Fi:  22
Showbiz:  3
Supernatural:  13
Thriller:  12
Vampire:  3
Werewolf:  2
Wild Animal:  1

The Complete List (static)

TitleYearSeen BeforeFormatSeen inCategoryCategoryCategory
African Queen, The1951NoCableMarchDrama
After the Thin Man1936YesDiscJulyComedyPulp
Air Bud1997NoCableAprilFamilyAnimal
Alice in Wonderland1933NoCableJanuaryFamily
An American Werewolf in London1981YesTheaterOctoberHorrorWerewolf
Another Thin Man1939YesDiscAugustComedyPulp
Apollo 131995YesCableMarchDramaHistorical
Arthur Christmas2011NoStreamDecemberHolidayFamilyAnimated
Awful Truth, The1937NoCableJanuaryComedy
Back to the Future1985YesCableOctoberComedySci-Fi
Batman Begins2005YesDiscMaySuperheroActionDC
Batman Returns1992YesDiscDecemberSuperheroActionDC
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice2016NoDiscSeptemberSuperheroActionDC
Beauty and the Beast1946NoDiscSeptemberForeignFantasy
Big Clock, The1948YesDiscMayNoirDramaThriller
Blade Runner1982YesDiscJanuaryNoirDramaSci-Fi
Blue in the Face1996YesDiscMarchComedy
Bourne Identity2002yesStreamJulyBourneActionespionage
Bourne Supremacy2004YesStreamJulyBourneActionespionage
Bourne Ultimatum2007YesStreamJulyBourneActionespionage
Bride of Frankenstein1935YesDiscOctoberHorrorMad Science
Bride of the Mosnter1955YesStreamJulyHorrorMST3K
Broadcast News1987NoCableJanuaryDrama
Bye-Bye Birdie1963YesCableFebruaryMusicalcomedy
Can't Stop The Music1980NoStreamAprilMusicalComedy
Captain America: Civil War2016YesTheaterJuneSuperheroActionMarvel
Captain America: Civil War2016NoTheaterMaySuperheroActionMarvel
Captain America: Civil War2016YesDiscSeptemberSuperheroActionMarvel
Captain America: The First Avenger2011YesCableMaySuperheroActionMarvel
Castle of Fu Manchu1969NoTheaterAugustHorrorPulp
Coming to America1988YesCableSeptemberComedy
Corpse Vanishes1942YesStreamNovemberHorrorMST3K
Criss Cross1949NoDiscMayNoirDramaThriller
Cry of the City1948NoDiscDecemberNoirDrama
Danger: Diabolik1968NoTheaterAugustForeignActionPulp
Dark Corner1946NoTheaterMayNoirDramaThriller
David Bowie: Five Years2013NoCableMarchDocumentary
Diamonds Are Forever1971YesDiscMayBondActionespionage
Die Hard1988YesTheaterDecemberHolidayAction
Doctor Strange2016NoTheaterNovemberSuperheroActionMarvel
Dracula AD 19721972NoDiscSeptemberHammerHorrorVampire
Drag Me to Hell2009NoDiscOctoberHorrorSupernatural
Electric Boogaloo - The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films2014NoStreamAprilDocumentaryShowbiz
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark1988YesDiscOctoberHolidayComedy
Ex Machina2015NoCableFebruaryDramasci-fi
Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight)1965NoTheaterFebruaryDrama
Field of Dreams1989YesStreamJuneDramaSupernatural
Flesh and Fantasy1943NoTheaterMayDramaSupernatural
For Your Eyes Only1981YesDiscOctoberBondActionespionage
Frankenstein1931YesCableOctoberHorrorMad Science
Frankenstein Created Woman1967NoDiscOctoberHammerHorrorMad Science
Gun Crazy1950YesTheaterMarchNoirActionThriller
Hail, Caesar!2016NoTheaterFebruaryCoen Bros.comedycamp
Hateful Eight2015NoTheaterJanuaryWesternDrama
Ipcress File, The1965NoCableJanuaryDramaespionage
Iron Man III2013YesCableJulySuperheroActionMarvel
Italian Job, The1969YesTheaterFebruaryActionThriller
Jason Bourne2016NoTheaterJulyBourneActionespionage
Jungle Book, The2016NoTheaterAprilDisneyAction
Jurassic World2015NoStreamJuneActionSci-Fi
Justice League - The New Frontier2008YesDiscMaySuperheroActionDC
Kindergarten Cop1990NoStreamNovemberComedy
La La Land2016NoTheaterDecemberMusicalDramaShowbiz
Lassie Come Home1943NoCableMarchDramaAnimal
Legend of Tarzan2016NoTheaterJulySuperheroActionPulp
Legend of Tarzan2016YesDiscNovemberSuperheroActionPulp
Live and Let Die1973YesDiscJuneBondActionespionage
Lust for a Vampire1971NoDiscDecemberHammerHorrorVampire
Man Who Fell to Earth, The1976NoStreamJanuaryDramaSci-Fi
Man With the Golden Gun, The1974YesDiscJulyBondActionespionage
Mask of Fu Manchu1932NoTheaterAugustHorrorPulp
Midnight Special2016NoTheaterMarchDramaSci-Fi
Miracle on 34th Street1947YesStreamDecemberHolidayFamily
Murder of a President2016NoCableFebruaryDocumentaryHistorical
Net, The1995NoDiscSeptemberActionThriller
Never Say Never Again1983NoDiscDecemberBondActionespionage
Night Editor1946NoTheaterMayNoirDramaThriller
Night of the Demon1957NoDiscOctoberHorrorSupernatural
Night Train to Terror1985NoCableOctoberHorrorSupernatural
Old Dark House, The1932NoDiscOctoberHorror
On the Town1949YesCableJulyMusicalComedy
Once Upon a Time in the West1968YesTheaterJuneWesternDrama
Outfit, The1973NoDiscFebruaryNoirActionpulp
Pee-Wee's Big Holiday2016NoStreamMarchFamilyCamp
Pete's Dragon1977YesStreamFebruaryDisneyComedy
Phantom Lady, The1944NoDiscAprilNoirDramaThriller
Remains of the Day, The1993NoCableMarchDrama
Return of the Caped Crusaders2016NoDiscNovemberSuperheroFamilyDC
Return of the Jedi1983YesDiscNovemberStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Revenant, The2015NoTheaterJanuaryWesternDrama
River of No Return1954NoDiscMarchWesternAction
Roar1981NoCableOctoberHorrorWild Animal
Rocky Horror Picture Show2016NoCableOctoberMusicalComedyTelevision
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016NoTheaterDecemberStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016YesTheaterDecemberStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians1964YesTheaterDecemberHolidayFamilyMST3K
Sharknado 4 - The Fourth Awakens2016NoCableAugustActionSci-Fi
Shop Around the Corner1940YesStreamDecemberHolidayComedy
Show Boat1951NoCableJulyMusicalDrama
Singin' In The Rain1952YesDiscDecemberMusicalComedy
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1937YesDiscFebruaryDisneyFamilyAnimated
Son of Frankenstein1939YesDiscOctoberHorrorMad Science
Split, The1968NoCableSeptemberActionPulp
Spy Who Loved Me, The1977YesDiscSeptemberBondActionespionage
Star Trek Beyond2016NoTheaterJulyStar TrekActionSci-Fi
Star Wars: A New Hope1977YesDiscDecemberStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015YesDiscAprilStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015YesTheaterJanuaryStar WarsActionSci-Fi
Suicide Squad2016NoTheaterAugustSuperheroActionDC
Super Troopers2001YesCableJulyComedy
Superman III1983YesCableSeptemberSuperheroActionDC
Superman IV1987YesCableSeptemberSuperheroActionDC
Superman: The Movie1978YesCableSeptemberSuperheroActionDC
Sweet Smell of Success1957NoCableFebruaryNoirDramaThriller
Teen Witch1989NoCableMarchComedySupernatural
Texas Carnival1951NoCableJulyMusicalComedy
The Death of "Superman Lives" - What Happened?2015NoCableJanuaryDocumentaryDC
The Uninvited1944NoDiscOctoberHorrorSupernatural
This Gun for Hire1942YesTheaterMayNoirActionThriller
Threepenny Opera1931NoCableMayMusicalDrama
True Stories1986YesTheaterJuneMusicalComedy
Vampira and Me2012NoStreamOctoberDocumentaryShowbiz
Vampire Lovers1970NoDiscNovemberHammerHorror
Vampyros Lesbos1971NoDiscOctoberForeignHorrorVampire
Wolf Man, The1941YesCableOctoberHorrorWerewolf
X-Men: Apocalypse2016NoDiscDecemberSuperheroActionMarvel
X2: X-Men United2003YesDiscDecemberSuperheroActionMarvel
You Only Live Twice1967YesDiscFebruaryBondActionespionage
Young Frankenstein1974YesDiscOctoberHolidayComedyMad Science


mcsteans said...

Surprisingly that poster for Rollergator is way better than the actual movie.

Stuart said...

A little defensive about the physical media.

It's coming back! We're bringing it back!

The League said...

I also have a landline, which is something people get angry about for some reason.

Man, if the appearance of Vulcan Video here in South Austin has reminded me of anything, it's how much stuff you aren't getting access to via streaming media. When one of the national papers did a story about the few remaining video stores like Vulcan, the comments were full of chuckleheads making fun of the patrons as luddites - but what they're missing is that Vulcan is there for cinephiles. And for the ability to physically browse. I'll spend an hour looking for a couple of movies at Vulcan (while also filing away what I'll grab next time), but my max time searching the menus of Hulu, Amazon (which just got way harder to navigate over the holidays), and Netflix is about 5-10 minutes. You wind up kind of getting forced into whatever their algorithms and limited availability will show you.

Netflix isn't going to have a section of camp-classic films, or the complete works of Robert Siodmak, but Vulcan is going to have an area in their director's section with all that stuff in one place.