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2020 Movies - By the Numbers

Look, obviously a few things were different this year per my availability to sit on my ass and watch movies.  

And watch movies I did.  There wasn't much on in the way of baseball until July or so.  I had time to do podcasts almost once per week (we'll get to that).  And, we instituted twice-per-week movie parties (Tuesdays and Fridays.  Jenifer runs Tuesdays, I manage Fridays).  Plus, I don't really follow that many TV shows, so I had some time to watch whatever.  And I think when you review the list, you will say "whatever did he watch these movies for?"


For comparisons:

In 2020, I watched 269 movies that I am aware of.  I have blog posts entries for each of these movies, and some metadata on each movie to help me track.  

This number includes only movies I watched in their entirety.  If I watched part of a movie, it's not included.  

It is possible I've missed some movies, one way or another.  Whether I forgot to mark it, or write it up, or whatever.  So I'll say - at a *minimum* I watched 269 movies in 2020.  I'll adjust the post if I figure out I missed anything.  

For the complete numbers in a spreadsheet, you can click here.


So, a word on Genre:  I'm not working from any particular ontology or official guide.  This is how I categorized movies quickly as I entered them in the spreadsheet.  You can consider the movies whatever you want.  I do not think Godzilla movies are horror films (minus the first one and possibly Shin Godzilla).  Some folks put them in that cateogry, I call them "sci-fi".  Similarly, I have categorized King Kong films as "Adventure" because... I have no idea what to call those movies.  They also are not horror.  

Some films clearly fall in multiple catogories, like Anna and the Apocalypse of even Predator.  So bear with me.

Action                14
Adventure          10
Animation          07
Christmas           05
Comedy             38
Documentary     06
Drama                14
Horror                42
Musical              23
Mystery              03
Noir                    51
Sci-Fi                 38
Superhero           14
Western               04

You're going to have to go to the spreadsheet to see how many of these I did as a Watch Party or whatever you might be curious about, but there are tabs for each of these categories you can review.


I tend to think of movies a lot like books - if the book is worth anything, it is likely it will still have something to say well after publication.  

We now have 12-13 decades of film to pull from (depending how you call it) - and I am happy to say I dipped into 11 of them.

1920        01
1930        08
1940        32
1950        46
1960        22
1970        35
1980        39
1990        23
2000        11
2010        33
2020        19

I'm not surprised there's a high number of movies in the 40's and 50's as I watched a lot of Studio Era musicals and I watched a lot of noir, which starts around end of WWII and goes til about 1959.


I actually recall thinking back in February that I wasn't watching as many movies this year as I did in 2019.  And, then, of course, global catastrophe.  

I usually watch a ton of movies in October, in part because I like watching horror in October, and in part because we cover horror on the podcast all month long (starting in Septmeber).  Jamie will watch some horror with me, but she also wants to watch non-Horror movies, which may mean I double-up on movies some nights, so I'm pretty used to that being a high month for viewing - but somehow I watched more than a movie per day this October.

I'd say I need to get out more, but...

January          14
February        10
March            16
April              26
May               24
June               29
July                22
August           22
September     30
October          33
November     19
December       24


So, I am not particularly tied to streaming services, discs or any format in particular.  I won't bother to try to explain why I hang onto discs (DVD's and BluRay) or why I still get new copies - but let's just say I trust streaming services about as far as I can throw them.  But certainly I use Amazon Streaming, Netflix and others.  

And, of course, I still have cable. This year I didn't note specifically if I DVR'd something, but assume it's all off the DVR and not live.  A lot of it from TCM and Noir Alley on TCM.

Here's how it broke down in 2020.

Amazon Streaming        97
Cable                              65
Disc (DVD/ BluRay)     65
Disney+                          17
HBO/ HBOMax             09
Hulu                               02
Netflix                            10
Shudder                          01
Theater                           03

I very much remember sitting and watching Shane, which was the last thing I saw in a theater at the beginning of March and trying to explain to Simon "there's a pandemic coming, so this is my last movie for a bit".  I'm glad it was Shane.  

Am going to drop Hulu.  Jamie wanted it a while back, but...  I don't think I've seen her watching it.  Shudder I watched on a trial basis for a single movie, but it does look like a neat service.

First Viewing

Of the 269 movies, I watched 151 movies that were "new to me" - or what I call "First Viewing".

Honestly, I'm jazzed by this figure.  A while back I set a goal for myself to watch more "First Viewing" movies than to rewatch movies over and over.  That's roughly 56% of the movies I wound up watching that I hadn't seen before.  And, heck, at 151 movies, that's more than a lot of people watch all year. 


So, we do this PodCast that most people on Earth don't listen to.  But, hey, it's a fantastic excuse for me to talk to my pals.

Total Episodes - 52
Number of Movies Discussed - 62

about the podcast and places to listen

New Movies I Watched

So, usually this is tied to how many movies I saw in the theater, and it's kind of funny, because I only saw 3 movies theatrically before COVID.  And one of those was Shane, so I'm probably somewhere on average for new/old movies at the theater.

I formulated number based on whether a movie had just been released, regardless of format.  This is trickier than you'd think, because it's not always clear if a movie's year of release is referring to some limited release or the festival circuit or what.  But I basically said "is this the way this movie was primarily released?"  Because a lot of stuff seems to have found it's way to a veriety of streaming services.

Anyway, all told, I'm saying I watched 23 new movies this year.

Watch Party

This is a new category for this year.  One way we've been keeping in touch with pals, checking in with people and hanging out is by watching some movies together.  Mostly bad movies - but some good!

We started off tweeting movies, but then Amazon started "Amazon Watch Party" and Netflix has rolled out a similar service.  At first we were just doing Fridays, but Jenifer and I were collaborating so much on picking movies, we split it into two days per week - Tuesdays and Fridays.  On one week where Jenifer couldn't be there for the Tuesday show, I went to the Texas Public Radio watch party.  And in December, we watched the new Dolly Parton Christmas movie with K and Dug on Netflix.

All told, I think we had 50 watch parties this year!  Not bad.

Thanks to everyone who attended, who made suggestions and tolerated some really goofy shit.

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