Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kent Farm Today

Found at the Superman Homepage.

I had not known that the Kent Farm was an actual house or barn. Its in pretty wretched condition, but it also doesn't look like anyone has really been in there since the filming 35 years ago.

It kind of makes me wonder why Bryan Singer chose to remake the farm in the middle of Australia for Superman Returns, but his needs were fairly different, I guess.

I confess, I got a little sad seeing the Kent homestead in disrepair.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Also, I think Singer directed in Australia because the Australian govt. gave a substantial tax break for Hollywood foreign productions made in Australia at that time. It basically provided extra revenue for the production and Australia had experienced crews that could be used. That's why the Matrix movies and so many others were made in Australia. The tax code has been changed somewhat so it's no longer very lucrative. That was one of the reasons the Justice League movie didn't get off the ground. They were planning to film in Australia and with the change, the financials didn't make sense.


The League said...

Ah, the tax break wars. Yeah, it seems like governments try the tax break thing, and then realize that it just isn't really worth it at some point.

And I don't recall them filming anywhere for Superman Returns but Australia, unlike Superman that filmed in England, Canada and briefly in NYC.