Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Lantern Trailer is Up

...and now comes the part where we find out if anyone but comic geeks are going to care about Hal Jordan and his space cop pals.

In all fairness, this sort of looks like Geoff Johns' Green Lantern with a fine layer of Ryan Reynolds cheese. Its going to take some doing to get used to a Hal that's Hollywood's version of a smart-alecky wise guy rather than the comics' teeth-gritting semi-smug hard-ass.


Fantomenos said...

OK, so obviously comic geek here will definitely see it, I'd better get working on my Mogo costume!

Not sure the domino mask plays well on the big screen.

Seems like if you want to do a smart-ass womanizing green lantern (and I get why they do), just start with Guy Gardener. That way you lose the mask, and you get a bitchin' turtleneck, to boot. Then you could do a prequel, and have an era and attitude appropriate Hal.

Question, though, who do you get to play Hal if you want the hard-ass aspect of Hal to come out? Obviously digitally inserting John Wayne would be ideal, but otherwise? Viggo Mortensen?

Fantomenos said...

Nerd-Rage begins:


Simon MacDonald said...

I hate to be a nay-sayer but watching this trailer did not make me want to go see the movie. I like Ryan Reynolds but I'm not sure if I will like him as Hal Jordan, Deadpool sure but Hal Jordan I don't know. I also thought that some of the effects looked pretty cheesy. Hopefully that is because they are not completely done at this point.

I guess I'll have to look at the bright side of things as this is lowering my expectations of the overall enjoyment of this flick.

The League said...

Yeah, the trailer is not... ahhhh... exactly as inspiring as, say, that for The Dark Knight.

I have a hard time commenting on costumes and FX at first blush because I've noticed a trend that I have a knee jerk reaction if it doesn't look a certain way my brain was interpreting those things from the comic page. That said, having seen the original idea for the GL costume in EW and seeing it now, its much better now.

@Fantomenos: I was actually kind of hoping for Bradley Cooper as Hal. He has a certain swagger that I'd expect in my Hal. And its not my movie, but I would have referenced maybe Chuck Yeager (played by Sam Shepard) as seen in "The Right Stuff" as a template for Hal. But... and I don't think wrongly, it looks like they made a kids' movie. But when WB cast Blake Lively and Reynolds, this is just about the movie I was expecting.

J.S. said...

My way too early prediction based only on the strength of the trailer: I think the movie will be okay (not absolutely terrible), but ultimately forgettable. I want to go ont he record now as giving this movie a 6 out of 10. Now I at least can go see it in order to see if my prediction matches my impression after seeing it!