Thursday, January 20, 2011

DC Comics April solicitations are now available

Good lord, this is no way to run an industry. Anyway, here are items coming from DC Comics in April.

Here at Comic Book Resources, you can figure out how to blow your hard earned cash.

Items of note:

  • Action Comics #900!
  • Batman Inc. #6 - will feature Man-of-Bats!
  • Batwoman #1 - resolicited! Again! She only debuted in 2006! Way to go, DC!
  • Superman/ Batman #83 - By The Sixth Gun's Cullen Bunn! When did S/B become read-worthy? The last few months, its been pretty good with fresh talent.
  • Infinity Inc. is getting a Hard Cover collection?
  • Wonder Woman: The Odyssey - I can finally start to read all this Wonder Woman I'm behind on. I don't even care how bad it is or isn't. I haven't read Wonder Woman in FOREVER. Need a fix.
  • Joe Kubert Library arrives in paperback!
  • Tiny Titans: Field Trippin' collection!
  • We3 Deluxe Edition Hard Cover! - this will be worth every penny. One of my favorite comics ever.


Simon MacDonald said...

I'm not excited to see James Robinson take on Eclipso in JLA. Does anyone think this will actually measure up t Johns JSA/Eclipso storyline?

I love the idea of Batman Inc. I'm assuming the first trade will be dropping right about this issue as well.

Yay! Finally Batwoman #1. I'll only have to wait until October or November to read this. Oh noes, she's training a sidekick already.

Secret Six is finally doing a call back to that "get out of hell free card".

The League said...

I read a few issues of the Robinson JLA, and trying to hold onto what was going on was like trying to hold onto ice in July. By the time I got to the next issue, I just didn't care enough about his story to remember what was happening, and dropped it. I honestly thought I'd missed issues, but I hadn't. I just didn't care enough to remember. I wasn't interested in a non-Big Guns JLA or Robinson's characterization or plots. Add in Cry for Justice, and after reading JLA for 140 issues or so, I am out.

When they drop Robinson, I might come back. But after CFJ and a really bland run on Superman (also featuring a substitute hero), I'm not spending $36 per year to keep up with the JLB or JLC or JLA or whatever this is.

Its sad. I liked Starman once upon a time. I should want to read Congorilla stories and Supergirl in the JLA, but... nope.

I don't want to be a fanboy who pouts until he gets "his" JLA, but I don't have to buy someone else's. And DC has made plenty sure that JLA is irrelevant to the mega-narrative of the DCU, so it works out fine.

Simon MacDonald said...

I loved his Starman run and can't wait to read the whole thing again when I get Vol 6 of the omnibus this week or next. I was very excited to see him coming onto JLA and I thought that some of the character choices were interesting. I don't see anything wrong with B and C listers as you can do stuff with those characters you can't do with the big 3.

However, the few issues I did read/flip through I was not very impressed. I didn't think he got a good handle on the old Teen Titan characters that are now in JLA and that whole JLA/JSA cross over was just horrible. So now DC has lost me from those titles as well.