Monday, April 11, 2011

Evidence that Girls No Longer Terrified By Nerds (Appear to ALSO be Nerds)

The past week, I've seen pics from two decidedly geeky romances.

Here, the starry-eyed suitor placed the engagement ring (s?) in a Pokeball.  Apparently, this (and placing an "I Choose You!" message in the ball) worked for the gent. I am not overly familiar with Pokemon, but I do know:  this sort of thing as recently as the 90's would have meant you were going to have to start over with an entirely new girl and become a cautionary tale. 

Comics Alliance also featured this story on a Vintage Superhero Themed Wedding

You know, when I was getting married, people laughed and said "are you going to dress up as Superman?" which...  honestly I thought was a weird question, but it was appropriate, I guess.  But it certainly never occurred to me to try to talk Jamie into anything but a pretty standard-issue wedding of tuxes, dresses, bouquets and a cake.  We did choose "Satellite of Love" for our wedding song, somewhat in tribute to MST3K, somewhat in tribute to Lou Reed, somewhat because...  seriously, who picks "Satellite of Love" for their wedding song?  We were kind of snickering our whole way through the wedding planning, I might add.

But there was no mention of capes.  I didn't even insist on a red and blue cummerbund set, which I would likely do these days. 

Its a nice side-effect, I think, of superhero movies going more mainstream and the influx of women into geek culture which seems to grow every year.  Already it seems that the era when women were hugely in the minority was some long ago age.  But, really, it was more like...  2003? 

I'm not suggesting there's parity, but its a different world out there now. 

Jamie may not have had a superhero-themed wedding, but she's been living a super-lifestyle since the say I unrolled a Superman poster in our first house and announced "this will look great in the living room".  In many ways, I like to think Jamie was a pioneer in the field of Not Fleeing when The Geek Lets His Freak Flag Fly.  In addition, she's more than embraced all of this superhero and comics jazz.  She very much has her own tastes and opinions, and has read far more comics than people know. 

But that likely does not mean she wants to spend our anniversary at a comic convention.  But she does have her own GL ring, and is prepped for the movie.

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