Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is as good a look as I think we're getting at the new Superman costume


So, some thoughts.

1)  We all know Man of Steel is about to start filming in Chicago (it is).  Its also not too hard to make the leap from that information to wondering about "corporate synergy", if the suits at DC are not trying to get the costume to match what we'll see in the movie a bit better.  After all, its not too hard to draw parallels between Wonder Woman's relaunched look in the comics the past year and into WW #1 and notice the looks weren't all that different.

God save us from focus groups and what they might be telling DC.

2)  As Randy and I pinged at each other - somebody watched Dark Knight

I don't see how this suit is supposed to be armor because unless they change a whole lot about Superman, then... why?  But the pieces fitting together is very, uh...  well, it'll likely look okay on screen, one supposes.  I actually have a theory that Superman isn't going to be wearing his costume under his shirt and trousers anymore and this is some sort of super insta-costume.  We'll see.

3)  The Siegel's now own the old costume.  When the lawsuit wraps up and DC loses (and it doesn't look good) DC won't own the material in Action Comics #1.  This will include the circus-performer look, George Taylor as editor of the Daily Star and whole bunch of other stuff.  DC will still own the current familiar S-shield, but...  I can see why DC is trying to make a differentiation from the tights and shorts look.
so this might be a problem for DC

Look, in general, I'm okay with it.  The suit is blue, the S-shield is still there, he's not wearing "power gauntlets" or some hoo-hah, he's got a red cape, and the belt at least calls back to the red of the shorts (but why they didn't work some yellow into the belt is beyond me). 

It could have been way worse, but it could have also been better. 

The hardest part for DC will be dealing with the licensing, which is the big cash cow around Superman.  Will people on the street want to buy a t-shirt or magnet with the new Superman in the next couple of years?  I doubt it.  Its going to take the movie being watchable and the slow trickle of public perception to get some adjustment before people adapt (DC actually pushed "mullet Superman" on the populace to no avail). 

So we'll see.
the look I don't think anyone will be fighting over in court


Michael Corley said...

Do you think this will be a real reboot, or just an elaborate stunt?

The League said...

I think its a real reboot unless something goes wrong. See Marvel's "Heroes Reborn" misfire.

If this goes badly, its going to take down an entire industry.

Anonymous said...

The new look is fine to me, not so different as to cause real controversy. I would've avoided using the moon boots design though. The belt and semi-armor calls out modern touches. It's like someone pulled from some retro Adam Strange design docs.


The League said...

I would expect the look will get refined over the next year. I'll miss the old boots. They could have worked here, but I think its all one big set of feety pajamas.

Anonymous said...

I think the big change is the thoroughly Abercrombie & Fitch model haircut.

Why are we abandoning the spit-curl mullet?


Jake Shore said...

Don't like the collar or the belt. I think the only real needed improvement was ditching the underwear. And I'm not so that was necessary.

The League said...

The best artist on this outfit is Jim Lee, but my concern is that he's the only one who can make it work right.

I'll always like the original suit best, but I'm trying my best to look at this as a positive step toward getting the public to take a second look at Superman.