Thursday, July 21, 2011

new "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" footage looks promising

I can't help but wonder - can movie audiences deal with a movie that is science fiction but not necessarily an action movie?

This clip looks very promising when you consider the themes of the Planet of the Apes movies.


Anonymous said...

That clip is pretty great and it actually makes me want to see the movie because it shows that it'll be more than a special effects monster rebellion fest. I'm conflicted because I swore I'll never give James Franco my money.


J.S. said...

Oh no. The monkey movie is going to make me sad? Oh no.

The League said...

Clearly you are unfamiliar with the endings of all 5 of the original Apes movies. G-rated movies that explode whole planets, kill babies, end in burning cities and the promise of the fall of man... all real heart-warmers. But they sold the heck out of toys based on those movies.

J.S. said...

I have seen at least three or four of those movies. (The first one many times, and some of the others with varying degrees of frequency). I don't ever remember one of them making me really sad, but then again, those movies clearly had actors roaming around in rubber monkey masks, while this chimp looks considerably more authentic. Plus, c'mon. A monkey facing persecution after hugging an old guy with Alzheimer's? This could end up easily being the saddest monkey movie of them all!

The League said...

It could be! You know, there were a lot of jokes during the Apes Marathon about what a total bummer these movies are, and they are, in classic sci-fi tradition, a series of cautionary tales. Yeah, the new set up is a bit like shooting puppies to get the audience on your side, but they have to convince an audience that the right thing is for monkeys to start killing people just like them.

If they can pull that off, I'll be impressed (and I think Conquest did that pretty well back in the day).