Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hathaway as Catwoman - a good look at the suit

A little Darwyn Cooke, a little-90's Catwoman with the gloves and boots, a strong influence from the Huges' covers. Not really grokking the goggles, but okay.

But can she top some of the classic Catwomen?

Lee Meriwether in the 1966 Batman feature film (if you've not watched the movie in a while, she's absolutely great)

Julie Newmar from the TV series (yowza)

the amazing Ms. Eartha Kitt from the series

Michelle Pfeiffer - she, Walken playing himself as a badguy and rocket-penguins make this movie better than it is

and the ever talented pencil of Adam Hughes is maybe still my favorite Catwoman
What?  No Halle Berry?  Look, I like Halle Berry running around in a leather bra, too, but we're not going to include that in our list of classic Catwomen.  Have you seen that movie?  Yeesh.

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