Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen Spooktacular Participation Time!

Hey, everybuddy!

Its time for the 2011 Halloween Signal Corps Partipation Event!

Ms. Lake continues to be very excited about this chance for Signal Corps participation
Last year we ran a participation event in which folks talked about their favorite and least favorite monsters.  Personally, I had a ton of fun reading responses that came in.  It was awesome to see all of the different monsters, creatures and explanations. 

You can see an index of last year's Halloween Event responses here.

a reader, spooked by last year's terrific responses

I floated a query via FB and Twitter to see what people thought might work for an event this year, and I appreciate the feedback!

We'll take a bit of a scattershot approach, and I apologize if we didn't use your idea this go-round.

when I found yet another picture of a woman looking back over her shoulder in a witch hat with a pumpkin, I figured I better post this one, too.

So, the two question categories this year are sort of Charlie Brown questions, which are my favorite:


1)  What is your favorite under-appreciated horror/ monster/ creepy/ whatever movie.  What scary movie did you see that you were shocked to either realize nobody had ever seen, or you realized later: everybody else hates this movie but me?

2)  What was your worst costume choice (or that of a friend or colleague)?  What costume do you just completely and totally regret having worn?  Why? 

"and one year, I was just straight up terrifying to the neighbors..."

  • Please send in all responses by October 19. 
  • We will begin running responses week of October 24.
This Signal Corps Participation Event participant isn't going to go batty worrying about whether people will like her responses


Everytime we do one of these, you guys write in to tell me "I'm not sure what to say" or "My answer won't be good enough".  Poppycock.  You've all got stories, and everytime we do this, its a blast.  Just share what you've got.

  • You may submit three answers per question (maybe you have a whole list of schlocky movies you really like or just have no ability to put together a costume.  You tell me)
  • Please keep profanity to a minimum.  Remember that my mother-in-law reads this site, and that we love Judy and do not want to make her sad with your swears and gutter talk
  • There is no fixed length for your response, but please include a "who, what, where, when, why" in your answer, if possible
  • You may answer either or both questions (or neither, but we won't give you credit for lack of effort)
  • Pictures are welcome
  • As editor-in-chief of this site, I reserve the right to withhold printing your responses with a clear conscience should you go off the rails, but I will be happy to talk through any issues I have regarding content of your submission

Send your submissions (or questions) to:  signalwatch at gmail dot com

Looking forward to your responses!  You guys always do such an awesome job when we have a group participation event.  So let's get scary and see what we can cook up for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I didn't get my participation package from the last time! I think this is another trap for you to get free content. You can only Admiral Ackbar me once evil Empire!


The League said...

Oh my God. I totally forgot about those packets. Well, sir, I will send all participants from last year something ASAP.

You can tell I forgot because I offered no package this year.