Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jamie's Mom Has Passed

It's with tremendous difficulty that I write this post.

About a week before Christmas, Jamie's mother entered the hospital.  Despite excellent care and the best efforts of the medical staff, Judy passed early this morning.  As I am sure I will be asked, Judy had suffered a stroke in August, and in the days before Christmas, she suffered another serious stroke which was followed by a couple of smaller episodes.

Many of you have followed Jamie and me for a long time on this site or the prior site where Judy often participated under the name "m-i-l" (mother-in-law), and some of you have met us or even met Judy at some point.  Or, you may have simply seen her name or photo here at the site.  

This is an extremely difficult time for us, and I hope you'll understand any internet silence that occurs during the next days or weeks.

Now isn't the time for an extended post, but I hope you'll take a moment today and think of Judy, Jamie, Doug and Dick.


J.S. said...

So sorry for all of you. We're thinking about you and Jamie and the McBrides, and, of course, Judy. Love you all. She was a great lady.

Maxo said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family are doing as well as can be expected, and I hope you can find some comfort in the happy memories and love you've shared.

Simon MacDonald said...

Sorry to hear the news Ryan. My condolences to you and Jamie.