Friday, May 13, 2016

God Damn Cancer

One of my best friends is currently in Denver with his mother as she enters the final stages of her battle with cancer.  His girlfriend lost her brother last year to cancer.  And another good friend found out her dad had cancer and her father passed within 4 weeks.

Comics artist Darwyn Cooke, one of the finest talents in the industry as both writer and artist, is now moving into palliative care.


Max's raffle is over with, but I highly recommend everyone think long and hard about giving to The American Cancer Society, or other similar organizations of your choice.

Here's to Darwyn.


Max said...

I honestly feel kind of in shock about this. He's such a tremendous talent, and to possibly lose him at the peak of his career, knowing he has so much more to give, is infuriatingly unfair. I wish I could express how it makes me feel, but all I can think of is a string of expletives.

The League said...

Agreed. There's always a lot of personal news about creators on the interwebs, and I don't usually say much about it, but this... man.