Friday, October 25, 2019

Halloween Family Watch: Addams Family Values

Watched:  10/24/2019
Format:  BluRay
Viewing:  no idea
Decade:  1990's

I'm not sure Addams Family Values (1993) is actually better than the original, but one could make the argument.  It certainly finds things that worked in the first film and builds on them, and finds new environs in which to put at least the kids.  And the villain of the piece, such as she is, works incredibly well.*

The aesthetic of the first movie gets a boost here and there, and, hey...  there's some great additional cast here with Carol Kane tapping in as Grandma, Christine Baranski and Peter MacNicol as the Camp Chippewa managers, and a bit where Nathan Lane just wins it as a desk sergeant. 

Again, great family fun.  With the kids a bit older, Christina Ricci kinda steals the show, but, honestly Jimmy Workman is hysterical as Pugsley - who has some fantastic business through the whole movie. 

a young The League and The Admiral share a heart-warming bonding moment

It's a bold call to make a main stream movie about how kids doing normal kid stuff can kinda suck, but it's part of what I miss about the 90's. 

*Joan Cusack is a national treasure

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