Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Friday Night Tweet-a-Long: "Frankenstein's Daughter" (1958)

Movie:  Frankenstein's Daughter
Watch:  Amazon Prime  
Day:  Friday - 06/12/2020
Time:  8:30 PM Central

hashtag:  #fraufranky

At 8:30 - pause the movie here.  We'll give you the signal to sync up!

"dis"astor pictures!

Apparently shot in 6 days and on $65,000 - what could go wrong?  Apparently no one told the make-up artist the monster was to be female so get ready for an accidentally progressive 1950's monster film where we respect the featured creature's pronouns.

I believe this film has 2 monsters, a band and some mad, mad science.

We're going old school!  Join us as we delve into some 1950's monsterriffic mayhem!

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