Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Friday Watch Party: (this one will cost you $2) "Lady in the Lake" from 1947

We figured out that if you rent it, we can all Watch Party it.  

This one WILL cost you $2 to participate.  I get none of the money.  

Day:  Friday - 12/17
Time:  8:30 PM Central

For this week's selection, I'm pulling out part of my personal Christmas canon - "Lady in the Lake".  
  • It's one of very few movies shot entirely from a single character's POV - essentially a videogame perspective, and done in 1947 with those giant cameras
  • Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler
  • Starring Signal Watch patron saint: Audrey Totter
  • It takes place on Christmas

What's not to like?

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