Sunday, September 24, 2023

80's Re-Watch: The Naked Gun (1988)

Watched:  09/22/2023
Format:  Max
Viewing:  Unknown
Director:  David Zucker

Great movie or GREATEST MOVIE?


Steven said...

Upon seeing this we decided to give it a watch. A lot of the jokes still land: the abrams/zuckers sight gags still work and Nordberg’s physical comedy is too notch (so hard to remember that actor before he became a…whatever he is now). Presley is beautiful and a game foil and Nielsen just nails the role.

I guess the OJ taint has been a kiss of death here so “Airplane!” Will be the one they’re remembered for, but man I do miss comedy like this.

* and man doesn’t the world of bad guy generalissimo baddies (Ayatollah, Arafat) seem like a quaint notion amidst AI enabled battle drones with Chinese parts assembled in failed states launched by private militias

The League said...

I think the OJ stuff does make it difficult and weird. But in time that will be a footnote, if the movie survives beyond GenX nostalgia.

I definitely had a moment seeing the rogues gallery of supervillains of the era and comparing it to our modern era. I was perfectly aware as a middle-schooler who all of those characters were. Probably more than I would be now.