Saturday, June 8, 2024

Astronaut, NASA Chief, Engineer, etc... William Anders Merges With the Infinite

Andres in more recent years

L-R:  Jim Lovell, Anders, Frank Borman

On Friday, Apollo 8 Astronaut William Anders passed when his T-34 aircraft crashed into the waters off Puget Sound.  He was 90 years old.

It is impossible for me to detail the incredibly accomplished life of Anders, but he was a nuclear engineer, pilot, businessman, government agency leader, ambassador to Norway and more.  He will be best remembered as one of the Apollo mission Astronauts, having circled the Moon with Apollo 8.  

It is unlikely you will recall, but in 2009, I attended a panel discussion featuring the Apollo 8 mission astronauts.  I consider that one of the great things I've gotten to do in person.

We're all in debt to Anders' courage as one of those astronauts who made the first journey to the moon and back.  And the wisdom he and the Apollo 8 crew showed in speaking to all of Earth from space, and showing us our small, blue orb, floating out there in the cosmos for the first time.

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