Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The League: Purveyor of Better Marriages Since 2012

On Saturday longtime pal JuliaP and her beau (and newer pal for The League) BillB asked yours truly to officiate at their nuptials come this December.


I have no mixed feelings about this and am happy to fill the role.  Indeed, I am humbled and honored by the invitation, and because it is the request made of me by good friends on their wedding day, I will put on my suit and a tie, pitch my voice to my most convincing baritone and partner with the loving couple in the coming months to find the proper readings and ensure that their day goes off without a hitch.  Standing up in front of others isn't an issue for me personally.  In fact, I speak in public regularly for work, and this is really just me talking to Julia and Bill in front of other people.

We can pull this off.

In no way am I a man of the cloth, but in Texas we have pretty simple laws managing this stuff.  Basically, once you get the certificate, pretty much that's it.  Me signing the thing is a formality at best.  The part of me that wishes it were a notary is oddly jealous to not be involved.

Nothing daffy will happen.  I will not be wearing a goofy outfit.  I will probably even wear my blue suit rather than the gray with pin stripes.  I will smile, and I will get to be up close when two great friends make it official.  I may ask Bill to draw a sword from a stone and Julia to prove her worth by sticking her hand in the Dune agony box to prove her worth to Bill, but aside from that...

Mostly I'm just happy for Julia and Bill.  It has been pleasant to see two people find each other in this crazy world who are such obvious complements to one another.  Really, and I'm not making this up, they seemed like an longstanding couple with one another and their ease with each other within a rather short time of beginning their relationship.  I take that as a good sign.

So, you know, if you're planning to get married, I work cheap...

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