Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things Return to Normal at the PCL

A quick follow-up to yesterday's post.

I think I can safely say that by 10:30 this morning, things were back to normal. Today happened to be my co-worker's birthday, so between 10:00 and 10:30 we had a doughnut or three, sang happy birthday, told our little part of the story, and went back to work.

What is odd is how many people seem to have just decided to shrug the whole thing off. Perhaps I'm a sensitive soul, but... a guy with an AK-47 could have done damage that would have been remembered for generations. He didn't, but he could have.

I haven't seen any new reports yet discussing any why's-and-wherefore's. The family of the shooter seems as genuinely shocked as anyone else. My guess is that its going to pass as one-of-those-things.

You can read the story at the site for the Austin American-Statesman.

But I was correct. Doors were open, and when I walked in with my box of Krispy Kremes for the team, there were all the usual folks doing their usual things. Sheila was at the reference desk and I saw Drew in the hallway. The gaggle of student workers were checking out books.

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