Friday, October 1, 2010

Wonder Woman to TV?

Rumors are now popping up that Wonder Woman may be headed to the small screen.


The CW Network (formerly the WB Network) has had Superman going for 10 years (ten years, people!  That's crazy!), but the season which began last week is the final season of the program.  Word on the street is that Warner Bros. quite likes the money Smallville has generated and has been looking for a replacement once Clark puts on the cape and flies off into the stratosphere (the Big Bad for this season, btw, is Darkseid.  This should be... interesting.). 

Will Wonder Woman work on the small screen? 


Ladies and gentlemen, my argument FOR a televised Wonder Woman

I own the complete run of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series on DVD, so I am pretty sure I'm not the right guy to ask. 


The interesting thing about Wonder Woman is that there's such a flexible mythology to the character that the writers could muck about quite a bit and even the fanboys would barely bat an eye.  I know what version I prefer, but...  you know, if you start with a young enough Wonder Woman, and basically have her oppose her mother in order to leave the island, you're most of the way there as far as cannon goes.

Wonder Woman doesn't even always have a secret identity, and I sort of prefer the version that doesn't have a secret ID, but I don't see that playing terribly well on TV.  Unless it does, and then, there you go...

But as I was previously pondering, Wonder Woman has a pretty bizarre bunch of arch-nemeses.  But I think if you had the weekly format to build on, especially with her ties to Greek mythology, you could possibly build up a unique world for Wonder Woman to deal with.

Anyway, we'll see.  But I'm betting they adjust the costume.


Anonymous said...

I can see a show working.


JAL said...

hommina and hommina, again