Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Walls ate a lot of McRibs

For over two decades, I have had the terrific pleasure of having been acquainted with Mr. Trey Walls.  I do not say this lightly, but Trey is, possibly, one of the most fascinating people on Earth.  He built a wet bar in his bedroom (for convenience, one supposes), he is the proprietor of Texas' foremost Spice Girls fansite, and he never does anything in half-measures.

Today I received this email from Mr. Walls:

This season saw me reach a goal of 50 McRibs eaten.  I cannot say I have enjoyed the last 15, but I was set on reaching 50 and with that I am announcing my retirement from eating McRibs.  I have been to the promised land and I have seen the mountain top!  I feel that there is nothing left to accomplish with this sandwich.  I am not against doing guest eatings with my dear friends, but am leaving the competitive eating world after 3 straight championships with (name of Trey's workplace).
2008 - 37
2009 - 33 (short season)
2010 - 50
Eat well my friends! 
For those of you who do not know:  The McRib is a delicious sandwich sold at McDonald's that is not a permanent fixture on the menu.  It usually appears in Texas right around the start of the holiday season, and disappears immediately afterward.  You cannot take the McRib for granted.  And you must respect it, for it is unkind to the GI tract of most mortals.

As someone who has only ever eaten 5 of these delectable sandwiches in a year (and who swore off them after last year's 3-sandwiches-in-one-sitting debacle, but went ahead and got one this year, anyway), I can only tip my hat.

I plan to submit an email interview to Trey.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask, submit them now!


Paul Toohey said...

Are there before and after pictures...of him, not the McRibs (I have a feeling the McRibs don't chance much in appearance in the digestive tract).

The League said...

Trey has a robust constitution, and I assume that he looks exactly the same as the day he bit into the first McRib.

Simon MacDonald said...

Oh my, that is an incredible feat/accomplishment. Imaginary tip of the hat Mr. Walls!

I'm looking at doing a live tweet broadcast of me eating a KFC Double Down. I'm still trying to work up the courage though.

Paul Toohey said...

Simon, you should do video...I might be game to try it out too...for science...

Simon MacDonald said...

If I can get a friend to sign a waiver so he won't be liable if I die from eating the Double Down maybe I could uStream it from my iPhone. Hmmm....wheels are turning.

horus kemwer said...

This is awesome, the McRib is probably the only foodstuff at McD's I voluntarily sought out after the age of 11 (I still haven't eaten one for 7 or so years, and probably only around 5 or 6 total). So, suggested questions:

1. McDonald's decision to make the McRib a seasonal item: good idea or bad?

2. Having tasted a large number of McRib's over an impressive number of years, does the taste vary from sandwich to sandwich? More importantly from year to year? Is today's McRib the McRib of yesteryear?

3. As a McRib connoisseur, what is the preferred combination of condiments and toppings for optimal enjoyment (e.g. pickles only?)?

that's all I've got, but I hope to learn about the McRib in excruciating detail!

mcsteans said...

Ryan, perhaps I misunderstood you, but I find it difficult to believe you never ate more than 5 sandwiches in a year.

The League said...

I consider 5 trips to McDonalds in a month to be a pretty high volume. It is true, though, I may have ordered more than one McRib per trip.

mcsteans said...

Oh in a month? Yeah, that's a lot. I thought the McRib season was more like a 3-4 month thing. Sorry.