Monday, December 13, 2010

Middle School Orchestra, Laff with The Dug, Lois Lane, Austin Superman!

Went to a show

So I have a new activity for you people, and I cannot recommend it enough:

Sixth grade beginning orchestra Christmas concerts.

So, this evening I went to my cousin's daughter's orchestra concert, and she's in the mid-tier orchestra (7th and 8th graders).  And, you know, bully for them.  They played a few songs as well as you'd expect a Middle School mid-tier orchestra to play.  They played a song called "Stonehenge" that is reportedly not part of the Conan movie soundtrack, but so help me...  I was waiting for the kids to crush their enemies, to drive them before you and to hear the lamentations of the women.

The sixth graders...  ah....  now there's a small bit of tragi-comedy right there.  There's truly something magical that happens when 80 kids who've never picked up an instrument play "Ode to Joy". 

Support The Dug, spend less than a buck, hear jokes.  Also, I had a joke in there, too

So, as you may know, Corpsman Dug, Jamie's brother, is part of Team Swizzlebeef, a Riff-Trax internet sensation!

Basically, some of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 have an online gig, and in addition to them adding commentary tracks to movies (new movies!  and the only way to watch a Twilight movie), shorts, etc...  they support a community effort where their fans can send in videos.  So, The Dug and Co. formed Team Swizzlebeef.

If you have it in for Dug, and right now are thinking "but The League, what does this have to do with YOU?"  Rightly asked, I say.

Well, friends, I wrote a gag or two that appears on the video.  I won't tell you which ones, because, frankly, I only remembered one of them.  Booze and time have washed away the rest.  Twitter-Pal JenniferSF also contributed some gags.  Which makes me want to tell Dug:  Drop Fennelly.  He's dead weight.  Hire ME.

You can preview the video and download from this link.

There's a Twitter Campaign for a Lois Lane comic series

If DC cares, I would very much give a Lois Lane book a shot.  I think there's so much potential for a book about a hardcore Journalist in the DCU, in Metropolis and around the world...  Give Lois something to do that can let her live up to her status as household name.

Of course, the book can only be as good as the writer, but DC has a pretty good stable, and I imagine some of those folks would love to write a book that's not strictly about weirdos in capes fighting in space.

Chris Roberson, local Austin-guy, is taking over Superman comics in the near future

Apparently local Austin comic and sci-fi scribe Chris Roberson is taking over writing duties from JMS on Superman.  My comic reading is much less than it was, so I can't say I'm terribly familiar with Roberson's work, but he's got several novels out, and he's responsible for a few comics already at DC.  Big boots to fill, but the internet seems to think the guy has the chops.  I am very excited to hear that an Austinite is getting a shot at Big Blue!

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