Sunday, January 30, 2011

Henry Cavill cast as Superman?

NathanC send along a link to an item in Variety stating that British actor Henry Cavill is cast as Superman in the upcoming movie directed by fast-slow-fast auteur Zack Snyder.

Here's the nigh-info-free post.

I have no idea who this person is, but according to IMDB, he's a full 6'1", which is a good start. And his credentials seem very good.

At first I thought this was the old rumor from pre-Superman Returns that actor James "Jesus" Caviezel had been cast as Superman, but he may be a bit long in the tooth for a new franchise.

I'll be honest, I'm a little sad that Brandon Routh didn't get a second shot. He was pretty much what I would want in a Clark Kent/ Superman, and had he been given less self-pitying to do in Superman Returns, I think he would have been pretty ideal.

That's not a dig at this new guy, who I am sure will be great. I just never thought Routh got a square deal.

oh, sure.  Why not.  He's going to need blue contacts.

If I seem a little...  unenthusiastic...  as I've said: I don't believe anything until I see the first publicity stills.  This could all be wrong or change if Snyder gets fired or quits.  A lot of things can happen.

On the plus side, nobody tried to cast Ashton Kutcher, and to this point, no Wayans are involved.

And lets hope that if they've hired Snyder, it was because they plan to put some actual action into this Superman movie.

editor's note:  by the time I finished this post, this story was everywhere in the geek-o-sphere, so I tend to believe its the real deal, unless something weird happens at WB.

And I'm going to say it:  I really hope they don't go too crazy "updating" Superman's costume.  There's a reason everyone in the geek-o-sphere has been laughing themselves silly over the "updating" Tim Burton planned to do to Superman for his take.

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