Monday, February 21, 2011

Austin Books and Comics to be Crushed by Godzilla!

IDW has launched a new Godzilla series, and as an incentive to retailers, if the shop ordered a whole lotta copies of Godzilla #1, they could get copies with an image of the store getting destroyed by the rampaging toes of the King of Monsters.

I already had plans to read this series and am quietly very excited about getting a copy of this comic.  I find the idea of Godzilla rampaging his way down Lamar toward The Triangle, and into campus, then southward toward the Capitol...  appealing. 

when will the staff of ABC learn to live in balance with nature?

And I think Brandon at ABC would have wanted to go exactly this way, by the way.


Brandon Z said...

That's EXACTLY how I would go, if given the choice.

And if Godzilla is your thing, be on the look out for what we have planned on release day. We're going Gojira crazy.

The League said...

Well, if you need a bigger-than-life customer to rampage through the store, you know who to call.