Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slight Policy Change: Superman titles

I am going to start reviewing Superman and Action Comics here on a regular basis and in a semi-timely fashion.  I may also begin reviewing Superboy and Supergirl.

For those of you who do not care for or about these comics, I hope you'll keep coming by for whatever it was you were getting out of this site before this minor change.  As a site that is ostensibly largely focused on Superman media, I'd like to try to get a little more coverage of the actual comic books.  We'll alert you if we also pick up any additional Super-titles for review.

I am not likely to talk about other series at this time, including Legion titles or JLA.


Simon MacDonald said...

Ryan, it's your blog. Do what you like with it. Please please don't talk about JLA. I hear enough bad things about that book already

The League said...

I haven't read it since McDuffie left the book, so that will not be a problem.