Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman pics show updated costume, running WW

Apparently the producers of the Wonder Woman TV show are looking at the internets and have made adjustments to the TV costume for Wonder Woman. Video and pictures started making the rounds about 12:00 Central time last night with pics from the set. Whether planted or not, it does show that the blue boots are gone and the pants are now less shiny, resolving two major costume complaints when pics of the costume hit the net just a week or so ago.

Fortunately, for professionals, the internet is always there with suggestions.

As WB will want to get fans behind the show (and not give them any reason to complain before it airs), perhaps the studio heads asked for the changes after doing a spot of Googling?

Palicki looks pretty good, I think. 

Those pants are pretty awesome

And Bleeding Cool is carrying a whole bunch more pics.


J.S. said...

Is it bad that I think these pics look a little silly?

Steven said...

That look on her face says:

"At last, a public pay toilet and I'll be damned if that bitch with the Nordstrom bag gets it before I do."

The League said...

I'm not sure you can show someone in a superhero outfit doing anything but posing heroically and not think it looks a little silly.

If the show isn't a bit silly, also, I may be a bit disappointed. I don't think TV is ready for "gritty, dark" Wonder Woman.

I get the funny face thing, but this is somebody running. Its the same effect as pausing your TV during a newscast and wondering why the broadcaster has one eye closed and their tongue out.

Simon MacDonald said...

Sure it makes it look more like the Wonder Woman costume but it doesn't address why anyone would try and fight crime in a bustier.

The League said...

no, and I kind of wonder how long before poor Ms. Palicki suffers a costume malfunction that sets the geek-o-sphere on fire.

WW has the toughest of all costumes to adapt to live action. Me, I'd have given it thick shoulder straps. But its kind of like trying to redesign the statue of liberty. We all know what it looks like, and even if we know sandals and a toga don't make sense in NYC in December, what are you going to change without messing up something else?

I kind of hope they explore the idea that WW has multiple costumes as she did on the old TV show and how in the comics, its all about just pulling pieces together over the basic suit.

By the way, when Superman Returns filmed, Routh had, like, dozens of copies on the costume with slight differences for filming. One for walking, one for standing there, one of swimming, one for sunny days, etc... From the initial images, I wondered if Palicki wouldn't be changing pants for different shots and scenes.

Anonymous said...

Looks alot better than the first pics. Especially the boots.


mcsteans said...

Yeah, I'm totally digging the pants and the boots. Much better.

J.S. said...

She just doesn't really seem to inspire... wonder. She doesn't look very athletic or formidable (see the toilet comment), and while I guess most will argue that this isn't an important point, I actually tend to think it's relevant when you're talking about a woman who's supposed to be capable of hurling tanks and leaping over buildings. As long as this show is going to focus on an Ally McBeal style Wonder Woman (who's going to be doing a lot more talking than fighting), I guess things are fine, but I just don't see this woman as an Amazonian warrior goddess. Not being a comic guy, I really don't care much about the boots and whatnot, but they really need someone who looks like she can kick a little more ass.