Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So, DC is seemingly doing a hard re-boot on the ENTIRE DCU

I have absolutely no idea how this is going to work, but it looks like DC Comics just announced a few minutes ago that they will be starting their entire line over with all new #1 issues set in a DCU not of the current continuity.

Announced here at USA Today.

1)  All new #1's
2)  I think its safe to assume we just moved to an all new Earth for the DCU and the stories we all have been reading since 1986 just got wrapped up and put on the shelf
3)  The reboot is going to take everyone back to a younger, earlier point
4)  Same day online delivery of ongoing content to DC's online store
5)  New costumes for many heroes, including SUPERMAN (I never thought I'd see the day)
6)  It's 1986 all over again
7)  I think we can assume this is one way to wrap up the Lois/ Superman relationship without a One More Day resolution
8)  I have to appreciate the bold move by DC to jump start interest
9)  I think they're going to lose tens of thousands of readers and go back to old continuity within a year
10)  No word yet on if old continuity will continue or if numbering will be preserved in titles like Action and Detective.  Basically - is DC trying an Ultimates Style redo line wide and keeping any old titles, or...?  I have no idea.
11)  I am completely stunned.  Not that I didn't think it was a possibility given the nature of Flashpoint, but...  Wow, DC...

More updates as events warrant.

Something must have slipped, because DC was going to make a big announcement on June 11th, and word must have been too close to leaking.

If their Fiscal Year ends on August 31, this is one hell of a way to change the numbers for FY 2011-12.


Anonymous said...

Why 1986? Did I miss something that modern DC continuity started then? Was is the Crisis on Infinite Earths?


horus kemwer said...

Oh no! What about my Batman, Inc.?

The League said...

NTT, it was indeed Crisis on Infinite Earths, which gave us Man of Steel, George Perez's reinvention of Wonder Woman, and Batman: Year One. It actually went kind of poorly as they did not synch the reboot the way DC seems to be doing this go-round.

As per Batman Inc., we're all sittinga round wondering what the hell is going on at the moment. As soon as I know something, you'll know something.

Simon MacDonald said...

I think this is pretty exciting news. It's amazing that it took them 25 years to finally do what they wanted back in COIE. I too think a lot of people will pick this as a spot to jump off some of their books. Hopefully even more will pick this as an opportunity to jump on. Please, please DC don't go back to all the silver age versions of your characters. Let's have some racial diversity. It should be pretty interesting to see how this all shakes out. Mind you hopefully these day and date digital releases will cost less than the paper versions but I doubt it.

The League said...

I think a few years ago this would have totally freaked me out, but as I LIKE reading all the different eras of the DCU characters, its striking me as a chance to dig into an era that I just haven't seen yet. Provided DC hires decent talent to roll this out, that is.

So many questions between now and September (such as: where are Superman's drawers?)