Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekend That Was

The weekend was pretty great in a lazy weekend sort of way.

Friday night Jamie and I stayed in as we do every Friday.  As you may know, Jamie is in dialysis, which she does three times per week.  This procedure does not require her to run through an obstacle course, but it is tiring to have all the blood removed from one's body, run through a blood car wash and replaced.  She does errands and chores all week, especially on her off-days, but by Friday night, the batteries are usually running low.  So, its mutually agreed upon that Friday is not usually a day for hitting the local discotheque or working on our relay races.

We stayed in and watched a PBS American Experience episode about J Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb.  The doc was less about the development of the bomb and more how someone basically apolitical was destroyed by associations in his personal life after World War II and the Red Scare had gripped the American psyche.

We also watched How to Train Your Dragon, and, yes, people with kids, it was as good as you've been saying.  Very cute movie.

After Jamie had retired, I watched more of Mega Shark vs., Giant Octopus than I intended to watch, and if you see one Lorenzo Lamas vehicle this year, ladies and germs, may I recommend this one in which he appears to actually be enjoying himself.  Actually EVERYBODY looks like they're having a good time, especially Debbie Gibson, who plays some sort of scientist. 

Saturday we met up with my folks and Jason, all of whom decided they wanted to see Thor.  On a second viewing, I mostly enjoyed it all over again, especially wondering what The KareBear would think about these shenanigans, but she either genuinely liked the movie or genuinely liked Thor actor Chris Hemsworth's winning smile and inhuman build.

We also went to have dinner with the family and the ever-affable Steans-Clan-Auxillary-Member, DK.  DK is really pretty great, and I don't see her enough.

Sunday was Day of the Apes at the Alamo, and I've already written about that excursion (all five Apes movies in one sitting).

Sunday evening on Twitter, PaulT and I were discussing a possible next marathon, and he suggested a Super-marathon.  And somehow it came to be that Paul invited writer Chris Roberson of Superman, Elric, etc.. fame, and that started a whole mess.  So, anyway, more details on that this fall, should it materialize (I have my doubts).

Today boiled down to "prepare to have a little cookout", "cookout with Matt & Nicole" and "hanging out on the front porch with Matt & Nicole".  Not a bad set-up.

All weekend I've been wrestling with Dell Datasafe Online, a service I pay for that backs up my computer on Der Kloud. A combination of factors occurred in the past month, and I haven't had a successful backup in some time.  So, as a Dell/ Windows user, I have been desperately trying to resolve all issues myself so I am not put on the phone with an 18 year old on the other side of the planet who thinks the solution to everything is to reformat hard drives.

I believe its now working, but as I added a few dozen GBs worth of iTunes to my laptop, its also moving very, very slowly as it pushes those bits up to Dell.  And whenever it messes up, I have to start it over.  It is also, as near as I can tell, going to take about 3 days to complete.  I think I'm doing something wrong, but their documentation is absolutely awful.

Anyway, I rarely do these "so that was the weekend" posts, so deal with it.  I already wrote, like, three posts over the weekend, so enjoy those.

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