Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday/ Canadian Thanksgiving

For reasons I am fuzzy on, Canada does its Thanksgiving on a Monday in October.  What the hell, Canada?

Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian reader, Simon.

We posted plenty over the weekend, so forgive us if this is what you get on a Monday.

We read Action Comics #2
We ranted on UT's #11 ranking
We read Red Hood & The Outlaws, Batwing and Nightwing
We went to go see Baby Face (1933) at the Ritz.

Happy Turkey Day, Canada!  Enjoy some yams!

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Simon MacDonald said...

Thanks for the Canadian love Ryan. Yes, I spent the day gorging myself on Turkey and generally doing all the things you Americans do on your Thanksgiving. That is except watching the CFL. I still don't that that is real football.

Also, it was Anna's birthday today and she turned 7. My present opening and cake eating was committed in the name of science.

Speaking of science, the reason we have our thanksgiving day so much earlier than you is due to the fact our harvest is earlier. Chock another one up to Canada being closer to the north pole with a shorter growing season then you Yanks.