Monday, October 17, 2011

I don't actually feel terribly great this evening

I don't believe I'm actually sick.  I think I ate horribly during my 24 hours away from the house (I ate at Burger King for the first time in a few years, and ate some other various gas-station food junk) and I believe my body is in rebellion.  Its not that I have this amazing diet when I'm at home, but the BK may have done me in.

I went to the gym when I got home and do believe I sweated out some of the bad humors, but my sweat literally seemed to smell weird.  Maybe I was imagining it, or the hotel soap just smelled oddly once sweat got mixed in, but...

The good news is that I felt less awful when I left the gym than when I walked in, and its just sort of drifted into a malaise.

Anyway, I'm skipping tonight.

Here is Louise Brooks with a small dog.


Jake Shore said...

I've spent years building up an immunity to the ill-effects of most fast foods, particularly burger & fries, but Taco Bell destroys me. Which if fine, 'cause I can't stand their food.

The League said...

I think the secret to The Bell is to avoid anything with sauce in it. And do not eat the "queso".

I am still amused by the cinammon twists.

Simon MacDonald said...

Ug, I know how you feel. A couple of weeks ago I started getting back in shape. I'm not in bad shape but I'm not in as good as shape as I once was. This past weekend we spent in Montreal which is a decadent city. I'm sure I sabotaged my previous progress with the over eating I did and picking up food on the go so I'm right there with you with fast food regret.