Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years High Definition Resolution

Ann Miller wants for us to have a Happy New Year! (from 1946)

My wrist is still pretty messed up.  It seems I pulled the tendon.  I'm in a brace, and the first medicine I tried did not agree with my tum at all.  I sort of sweated my way through UT's victory over UCLA in the Holiday Bowl (and kudos to Baylor for their stunning Alamo Bowl win over Wash last night.  That was one kooky game.).

Thursday I watched the better part of That's Entertainment and all of That's Entertainment III.  I finally have committed to memory the name "Ann Miller", which I have never been able to remember before, but who I've always found very spunky in the movie below (Easter Parade) and On The Town.

Jamie will be required to learn this dance routine in 2012.

Speaking of 2012, it may seem fruitless to try to better oneself, what with Mayan Astrological Apocalypse upon us, but on the off-chance a civilization that didn't have the wheel may have been wrong about stuff like The End of Days, I am making plans.

So here's the rundown for How in 2012 I Shall Become Physically, Mentally and Morally Superior

1)  I shall strive to lose an additional 20 pounds

Because, hey, why not?  I can certainly afford to lose some more weight.  I've plateaued as of Halloween, and I've been trying to maintain through the Holidays.  I can say in 2011 I lost weight while also building muscle mass, so more of that, I think.

It is a pain to buy new pants all over again, but I'd like to live a life as Hoveround-free as possible.

I have a pretty specific vision for how I want to go out of this world, and it is not going to involve getting hooked up to a lot of devices in my golden years.  Really, one must be in shape if they think they can take on a den full of mountain lions and put up any kind of fight.

2)   Less Twitter and Facebook.

I like you people.  I really do.  I don't know that hanging out online at night with twitter open while the TV runs is really "building" or "participating in a community", though.  You know where to find me, and I didn't say "NO twitter or facebook".

3)  Stop with the knee-jerk, acerbic posturing

Frankly, I think that less Twitter and Facebook may resolve this issue to an extent on its own.  One of my goals with Signal Watch as a blog has been to try to remain a bit more upbeat, and I need to extend that to other places online and in, I am thinking, my face-to-face communication.

I don't think it hurts to be realistic or to share your views, but I can tone it down quite a bit and likely have a friendly conversation which I'm just shutting down at the start at the moment.

4)  Get through 12 books in 12 months

Seriously, I'm so poorly read anymore, I feel like an idiot.  I'll continue with a mix of "books I should have read", non-fiction and the occasional throw-away, fun book.  I also need to start reading more for work, which I am not including in the 12-books list.

5)  Finish 6 chapters of my own thing

It takes me a long time to put a chapter down.  Not of the adventures of Kaya, which usually takes about 30 minutes to pound out (and his made me really wonder why I'm fighting writing this sort of thing, as it seems to flow like a fire hydrant), but the Great American Novel I work on sometimes when I'm not working here.

I'd like to finish all the way through before I'm 40.

I did write several chapters last year, which is a change of pace.  I'd like to continue on that trend, as I write The Least Impressive Thing, Ever.

That's it.

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Simon MacDonald said...

That looks like a good set of resolutions you got there. I myself really need to look at what I want to accomplish but writing my technical book for PhoneGap will be near the top of the list. Good luck to you on all of your resolutions.