Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, AmyD

Amy is the one on the right
Happy B-Day, AmyD.  I was in Lubbock, so I did not call, so, hey: blog post!

AmyD is the very special ladyfriend of my brother.  She's a renaissance woman: law student, future librarian, chef, gourmand, juggalo.

She's a heck of a dame, and we're glad to have her on Team Steans.  I hope she was showered with gifts on her birthday, because I totally have not bought her one yet, and I'm hoping she's too busy with her other gifts to notice.

Thanks for putting up with my brother, and all of us.

Merry Birthday.


J.S. said...

Since you were up in Lubbock, I hope you brought her back a steer. Or a barrel of oil. Or a steer covered in oil.

The League said...

Just check your driveway and get an oil pan and a shovel.

cardboardbelts said...

Thanks Ryan! :)