Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Post Friday - Pam Poovey

The past year, I have become a fan of the FX after-9:00 PM cartoon Archer.  If you haven't caught Archer, well, I pity you.

Normally when I didn't feel like posting because its a Friday and I've already said my piece for the week, I'd go dig up a picture of some lady film star of days gone by.  But I didn't find any new Marie Windsor pictures, and I don't feel like I know Audrey Totter well enough to start obsessing yet, so today we're talking Pam Poovey.

Pam is, of course, a cartoon and the HR Director at ISIS, a sort of freelance spying...  oh, forget it.  She may not be the buxom field agent of the show, nor voiced by the incredible Jessica Walters, but Pam Poovey is my kind of lady.

Also, start watching Archer.  Its really pretty funny.


RHPT said...

I liked it better when this show was called Frisky Dingo.

The League said...

Yeah, its the same crew that did "Frisky Dingo", which I thought was better when it was "SeaLab 2021", which they also did. As well as Space Ghost C2C.

next we'll find out the Seth McFarlane crew and the Simpsons/ Futurama folks might be repeating themselves somewhat...

RHPT said...

Don't you get snide with me, young man.