Monday, March 19, 2012

The weekend was utterly uneventful

I am travelling this week for work, and as I was a little concerned about how much  money I've spent of late, this weekend, Jamie and I really didn't do anything.  It was...  what is the word?

Ah, yes:  relaxing.

Friday was uneventful.  I wound up staying up way, way past my bedtime watching about 1/3rd of Boogie Nights on HBO (then had to hit the hay).  I had forgotten what an amazing movie that was when it hit.  Its not for everyone, but from a scripting and technical standpoint, and from a performance standpoint (I'm looking at you, the fantastic Julianne Moore), there was a reason the movie received so many accolades when it hit theaters.

I still can't believe it played at just the plain 'ol Highland 10 back in the day.  America's movie-going habits have most certainly changed in a short amount of time.  Of course, that particular megaplex always had an interesting mix of Weinstein-branded stuff and then, say, The Pokemon Movie.*

Saturday I visited my "stylist" (she's not a barber, as she isn't a 56 year old guy in a white smock, but "stylist" makes it sound like I'm like Travolta dealing with his hair in Saturday Night Fever), and I am now freshly shorn. I tidied the house some, and later the Admiral and KareBear came over as The Admiral and I embarked on a minor home improvement project that led to some seriously iffy decision making and creation of a dozen drill holes in my garage wall.  The good news is that we have now hung hooks upon which our various mops and brooms can be stowed.

Today, for some reason we slept in very, very late.  And I really didn't get much done other than re-hanging some pictures in the house and watching part of the Cubs/ Rangers game on TV.

found the right spot for the Wonder Woman print.  yes, that is my office.

I also started re-watching The Killers (1946), but didn't finish.

I've been trying to do some writing outside the blog this weekend (I finished a chapter - No. 15.  Everybody celebrate.), so that accounts for some of the time, I suppose.

Hope your Monday is going swimmingly.

*which Jamie and I saw on a particularly goofy evening when there was nothing else playing we hadn't seen.  We used to see a LOT of movies.  I also saw the first Power Rangers movie in the theater as I'd seen literally everything else.

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