Saturday, July 21, 2012

It Begins. Two "Man of Steel" Teaser Trailers Arrive.

We're sticking through this blogging thing at least until the release of 2013's Man of Steel.  And we're seriously considering a blow-out party for the release, so start booking your flights now.

Keep in mind, this movie just finished shooting and has 11 months of post-production to deal with, so all they can do at this time is show footage that doesn't require a lot of CGI, etc...

This is not what was shown at Comic-Con, which included an extra 30 seconds or so of action-y type scenes.

The music, as I understand it, is from The Thin Red Line.  This also confirms what I'd heard about Clark's post-high school voyage to become a salty seaman.  It's not comics canon, but nothing really is anymore.

These are two different trailers - one with the voice of Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and one from Jor-El (Russell Crowe) - following the path left by Glen Ford and Marlon Brando.

In reviewing the origin of Superman, it's impossible not to see the connections between fathers and sons, and that became the overriding theme of 2006's Superman Returns.

But it's also the story of what it means to send all your hopes and dreams sailing across the cosmos in rocket.   Or to look at what you have a chance to shape as you look at the future through the eyes of the boy in front of you.

Looking forward to seeing more footage, especially after that last shot.


Jake Shore said...

Not a great teaser, but pretty good. I remember the teaser for Superman Returns was one of the all time best (

And of the two versions, I like the Russell Crowe voice-over better. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't the same trailer from Comic-Con with the extra footage, but whatever. It looks interesting. God help me, but I'm beginning to have hope this might be good. I can't remember the last time a movie I was deeply looking forward to, met or exceeded my expectations. Probably the first Lord of the Rings movie.

By the way, the music in this trailer as I understand it, is from "The Fellowship of the Ring" - the scene where they emerge from Moria, minus Gandalf. The music from the Comic-con trailer was from "The Thin Red Line."

Jake Shore said...

Can I come to your party?

The League said...

Thanks, Jake! I saw a comment that had said it was from LOTR, and when I listened, I certainly thought it sounded like that, too, but wrote it off as "well, they did come out around the same window, so maybe...".

Oh, and YES. I will work with Jamie to make this happen.

The League said...

By the way, Jordan noticed that the lines by Jor-El were directly from All-Star Superman.

Jake Shore said...

Oh, that's cool. It's encouraging that they're at least paying attention to the right material.