Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Turkey Week

I don't even know where to start...

It's that magical week of the year!  I'm not sure when you kids are checking out for the week, so I thought I'd just pop up now and wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.

<festive> Happy Thanksgiving! </festive>

I'm feeling much better now than last Wednesday evening, and I seem to be a few degrees away from hail and hearty.  Much better way to enter the holiday than worrying about contaminating the yams.

This year Jason is headed off to Phoenix, homeland of his ladyperson, AmyD.   It's going to be a bit more quiet around these parts, and I'll surely miss having him around at my folks' dinner, but I guess I've been disappearing with Jamie for Thanksgiving for years and years at this point.  Fair's fair.

I anticipate no Thanksgiving madness.  The family may not be "sane" or "stable"- but they are predictable.  The only wildcard is my pal JuanD, who is joining us for dinner and who is smart enough not to get into a heated debate with my 15 year old cousin or throw a punch at Jamie's dad.

If it is looking like it's going to get rough, prepare mentally and physically and think:  what would Superman do?

Lois's dad is decidedly not fun to deal with

We're having a bit of a Holiday shindig on December 1 (sure, come on down), so I'll also be spending the weekend cleaning and decking the halls.  I still haven't been to Home Depot to see if they have a bear for the front yard.  I kind of want one.

Aside from that:  football.  Probably a movie or three.  I'm not laboring under any delusions.  It's a three-day weekend with a "workday" of consuming bird and pie tacked on to the start.  I work for a university, so I'm looking at the clock for when they shut us down from Christmas til New Year.

I am going to watch a VERY SPECIAL Christmas movie, so I look forward to posting on that.

Anyway, gobble, gobble, y'all.

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