Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Your Time Killers For Pretending To Work on the Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

Ah, that magical day in the office where time becomes meaningless. If you're like me, it's you and Nick, the Graduate Assistant as the only ones planning to show up for work on Wednesday. It'll be an odd mix of the clock moving too slowly and the ability to actually get some work done for once without the weird guy from around the corner coming to your door and killing your schedule for the day.

I have a very warm place in my heart for The Addams Family movies. Their commentary on The First Thanksgiving.

Some guy re-enacts a key scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Here's a Thanksgiving puzzle...

click for the fullsize version

The Oatmeal covers Thanksgiving...

Superman from Turkey!

Here's a handy list of college football games being played over the Holiday weekend.

And, finally, some Rockettes!


horus kemwer said...

I can't believe . . .

a) you just called Brandon Hardesty "some guy", and

b) you (YOU!—on the good team, I thought!) just violated the "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule!

The League said...

Oh my. I will look this Hardesty fellow up.

And it is ALWAYS time for Rockettes. What you're missing is how reserved I have been by not discussing them (much) before now.