Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Summer Film Series Time

It is true that in about a month we're going on hiatus from blogging.  But that doesn't mean we're heading into cryogenic storage for the summer (although, given the spiking temps here this week, that might be preferable).

Of course, there's one little picture coming out which might have us a bit distracted.

this movie also features bonus reasons for viewing

Paramount Summer Schedule

I spent the morning going over the Paramount Summer Film Series schedule, and it's really terrific.  I'm kind of bummed that I'm out of town for work for many good films, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

If you're in Austin, we can't recommend enough the Paramount Summer Series as a great way to beat the heat.  Really, the Paramount, the Alamo Ritz and Barton Springs are the Holy Trifecta of avoiding boredom and sweat during the long summer months for me here in Austin.

If you're in Austin, and you want to join me for a movie, check out our calendar up there in the horizontal menu bar.  

Stanwyck is incognito in Double Indemnity

I'm very excited that the new programmer has included a series throughout the summer called Film Noir 101.  While it's mostly showing movies I've seen more than once, it's a start, and fills a gap that's been in the summer line-up the past few years.  

Oddly, there's no sci-fi line-up, and I expect there'll be a remedy to that next year when the stalwarts complain.

It's always interesting to see the tastes of the programmers come through in their selections, and I think the prior programmer sometimes went a little too arty and esoteric when he wasn't running the equivalent of Golden Oldies.  This year is very heavy on Golden Oldies, but I think they need that.  It's not an art-house retrospective, and while I enjoyed alternative choices at the Stateside last year, I think you sort of need to make sure you're getting butts in seats.

If you do want to go and the schedule doesn't quite work, just honk at me.  That schedule is slightly flexible as the movies show more than one day.

The Ritz

On May 28th, I've got tickets to go see Enter the Dragon

You guys know I love the Ritz, and it's this sort of thing that gets me back there time and again (though less these days as it ain't ever cheap walking out of there).  

We'll be keeping our eye on the Ritz calendar all summer and see what else is showing.

We're seeing Forbidden Planet on the 25th

The Alamo's demographic has changed a bit, still catering to the 20-somethings, and so there's a shift in what they're showing.  I don't get nostalgic for Clueless (a movie whose charms eluded me the first time around), and some of the other "retro" stuff is from my 20's heyday, so... that'll make you have a moment of pause.

Bruce Lee:  The manliest man who ever manned in Enter the Dragon

They've also lost two of their main programmers, and you can feel it.  I don't know if they lost the programmers because of a required shift in programming or the loss of Zack and Lars has meant the change, but it's there.  Certainly the ability to program two months out seems to be gone with the wind.

The Alamo doesn't just program older movies, though, and so I'll also be using it to see the big summer flicks.

Speaking of...

Big Studio Blockbusters

It's also a good summer for big ol' summer blockbusters, all of which I think we can expect will be of varying quality.

Yesterday, I was supposed to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, but a bad pizza or salad landed me with an interesting case of food poisoning.  So, yeah, I still have to see that.  

Anyway, there's a lot of stuff coming up.

Obviously, I'm eagerly awaiting Man of Steel on June 14th.  Also:

shut up and take my money!

Highly Likely I'll See:
  • Pacific Rim
  • Monsters University (which looks hysterical)
  • The Lone Ranger*
  • World War Z

  • This is the End
  • The Hangover III
  • The Great Gatsby

I was considering a Superman Party for Man of Steel, but on second thought - that sounds a lot like something that's going to not work very well.  I mean, I might think wearing a cape and drinking sounds like a plan, but me and Red Kryptonite Superman from Superman III may be alone in that opinion.

TPR Cinema Tuesdays in San Antonio

Prom, 1993

Our own NathanC programs Cinema Tuesdays at the Santikos Bijou in San Antonio.  As always, he's got a terrific line-up, and we're looking at which week or weeks we're going to buzz down to San Antonio.  Last year he had an amazing program, and it was mostly fate that kept me from getting down there.  This year, between The Birds (always a favorite), Barry Lyndon, King Kong and so much more...  I'll be down there.

your host, NathanC, sits amongst the posies

*before seeing The Lone Ranger, I have to overcome my bafflement at casting Johnny Depp as a Native American and what it means that Disney is totally comfortable with casting a white dude as a Native American dude.  It all feels very 1950's.

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