Thursday, January 8, 2015

Buy Tim's Shirt: Jurassic Galaxy

Tim Doyle - famed artist and maker of late night drunken promises - has created the shirt that should speak volumes to this audience.

Here's the graphic:

bask in its glory

here's what it looks like as a t-shirt that will make anyone look better and totally cover your muffin top:

You aren't cool enough for this shirt, but you can afford it
You can get the shirt at Nakatomi, Inc., the webstore where Tim earns his whiskey monies.

Order:  The T-Shirt

Read: The Tale of The Genesis of the Art Work

Why am I out here singing and dancing for World Famous Artists Tim Doyle?

1.  Tim is a great guy and we should all be working to make him a millionaire
2.  I totally busted his chops about not having plus sizes for us folks who are larger than life, and he actually went and added plus sizes.  So I have to make it worth his while.
3.  I now have a shirt ready for at least four different movies I'll be seeing in the next 12-24 months.  You can be similarly prepared.
4.  Tim owes some money.  Okay.  A lot of money.  Aw, Christ.  He really messed up this time.  They said they're gonna have to break his legs.  His legs!  Oh jeez.  Oh, jeez.  What is he gonna do?  He just needs to sell some of these shirts, and maybe...  maybe it'll all be okay...

The t-shirt is on sale through 1/12, so hurry it up.  Place your order.

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