Thursday, February 19, 2015

Some Interesting Bits from the Week

Sorry about the lack of posting.  Sometimes you look up and a whole week went by.

Things have been kooky busy at work as I mush my team forward toward several deadlines, and then, last night, I wasn't feeling well and I slept from 9PM - 7AM, which was glorious, but also a reflection of the fact that I had eaten some bad Chinese food the prior night and not slept at all.*

I don't want to post my Fifty Shades of Grey review until my pal gets a chance to get her notes together.  I want her to get first whack, er...  to take a crack at...  wait...  she's going to post her review first.  She is, literally, the one person that I was super pumped to see this movie with above all others.   And, yes, I totally DID go see it.  Spoiler alert: it may not have been my favorite movie.

Y'all know I like my Mad Men, and I'm also quite a fan of Archer on FX.  Shoemaker sends me this link that combines the best of both worlds.  Kind of NSFW, so, you know, proceed with caution.

More or less how my performance reviews go

These days, Harley Quinn is one of the hottest properties at DC Comics, and that's probably worth a post sometime about the fact that the expanding female audience coming into superhero comics will also seek out stuff that speaks to them and that changes the landscape a bit.  But in the meantime, here's an interesting look at the history of Harley (thanks, Randy!).

Season 3 of The Americans is turning it up a bit.  It's been really pretty fantastic, and not just because Keri Russell looks fetching in a series of wigs.  The show goes for The Sexy quite a bit, but the early 1980's in the burbs weren't really Manhattan fashion of the 1960's - if you want to compare it to another cable cult hit.  But that hasn't stopped someone from partnering with the show to put out a line of 1980's-inspired lingerie.  Your mileage is going to vary on this one, but I did note that suddenly our hero keeps winding up in scenes set in her bedroom where she's wearing elaborate underwear for no reason having to do with the story.

Toy Fair 2015 just ended, and Action Figure Insider has some nice galleries up.   DC is, apparently, going to finally put out a prop Dr. Fate helmet.  I am pretty sure this won't come in a 7 7/8ths hat size, but a man can dream.  And I'm pretty darn pleased with the look on this DC Icons Superman figure, complete with Kelex.  Not to mention both Superman and Flash from Kotobukiya.  And, the Cryptozoic remake of the old Supermen of America fanclub package is kind of a must, I think.

Still really enjoying Agent Carter, but I suspect not that many people are watching it.  People, your lives will be filled with regret for missing out on this one.

That's it for now.  Hope everyone had a great week and we'll catch up soon.

*the sad part is knowing I will totally get food from that place again, because it's convenient

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