Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who Wants to Watch "Masters of the Universe: THE MOVIE"?

Well, technically, only Stuart.

What day:  Friday night, October 2nd, in the Year of Our Lord 2015
What time:  9:15 PM start (have your popcorn ready) Central Time
How:  Streaming on Netflix
Live Twitter:  look for me @melbotis
Hashtag:  #noorko (although we're taking better suggestions in the comments and to twitter)
Breaks:  whenever I have to pee
Pre-show:  we'll start rounding people up and talking He-Man around 9:00

I haven't seen this movie since the mid-80's when it came to VHS or cable.  I can't remember which.  All I do recall is that they got cheap and filmed most of it in modern-day 1980's America rather than on Eternia.  Also, they wrapped up Courtney Cox into the proceedings, back when her claim to fame was being the girl in that one Bruce Springsteen video.

Mostly what I remember is that the femme fatale from They Live is also in it as Evil Lyn, looking way better than Teela.

sorry, forces of goodness.  She has a sort of Ursa/ Myrna Loy in "Fu-Manchu" thing going on
So, if you can stay up til 11:30 Central Time, this should be all right.

from left to right:  Not Mark Pillow, Teela, a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie, Cher, and Principal Strickland
If you've trapped at home and need something to do, and have the same sort of half-assed memories of He-Man that I harbor, we'll be plodding along.

Full disclosure:  While I watched the cartoon, I am not much of a fan of He-Man, the Masters of the Universe concept or whatever they put in the movie in place of Orko, who I also hated, but this guy was worse.  So, not a lot of scared cows for us on this viewing.  So, heads up.

Also, I've been a little sick this week, so it's unlikely I'll be boozing my way through the movie, no matter how much I need it.


Stuart said...


The League said...

Tomorrow night, we decide! #noorko

Simon MacDonald said...


Great timing as "How Did This Get Made" just did an episode on "Masters of the Universe" so you should take a listen after you see the movie.

The League said...

I'll get the link ready to share with folks. OR, you can hop on and start dropping factoids like you learned from the podcast, as if you're a wiz at MoU trivia.

Simon MacDonald said...

Haven't listened to it yet but it's in my queue.

Stuart said...

That SlashFilm article linked from the "How Did This Get Made" site the is pretty cool.

Quotes from William Stout on the production I'd never heard/read before.

RHPT said...

I've convinced Emily to join us. She'll be with us until we fall asleep.