Friday, January 1, 2016

Books Read in 2015

Sometime about 10 years ago, I realized I'd only read, like, 2 books all year.  While that's still 200% more books than the average American, and I justified it all by telling myself I'd read a lot of comics (I had.  A LOT of comics.), I felt a bit bad about not reading books without pictures.  So, these days I
strive to read a bit more.

Here's the list of what I read in 2015.  It's only 23 books, but I figure that's about two a month, and that's not awful when you add in the numbers I presented yesterday when it came to movies.  Plus working and whatnot.

TitleAuthorGenreDate finished1-10 ranking
Mystic RiverDennis Lehanecrime fiction1/29/20156
The Bully PulpitDoris Kearns Goodwinhistory3/25/20159
Mother NightVonnegutVonnegut4/8/20158
The ComebackStark, Richardcrime5/2/20156
Ready Player OneCline, Ernestsci-fi5/2/20155
BackflashStark, Richardcrime5/11/20156
Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyAdams, Douglassci-fi5/21/20157
Red HarvestDashiell Hammettcrime6/4/20158
Superman: The High Flying History of the Man of SteelTye, Larrynon-fiction6/26/20157
Tarzan of the ApesEdgar Rice BurroughsApe Book7/10/20157
FlashfireStark, RichardCrime7/19/20156
Rin Tin Tin - The Life and the LegendOrlean, SusanNon-Fiction8/12/20159
The MartianAndy WeirScience Fiction8/20/20158
Farewell, My LovelyChandler, Raymonddetective9/3/20158
Big Knockover, TheHammett, Dashiellcrime fiction/ short story7
If Chins Could KillCampbell, brucememoir9/17/20151
Rendezvous with RamaArthur C. ClarkeSci-Fi10/5/20158
The Legend of Sleepy HollowIrving, WashingtonAmerican Classic/ horror/ comedy10/16/20158
The Haunting of Hill HouseJackson, ShirleyHorror10/21/20158
Hocus PocusVonnegut, Kurtamerican literature10/28/20157
Isaac's StormLarson, Erikhistory11/15/20156
Casino RoyaleFleming, IanBond12/1/20157
Live and Let DieFleming, IanBond12/18/20154

I actually read a lot of fiction this year, which is not something that's usually been my focus, and I read four book series if you want to count the Parker books by Stark, Marlowe books by Chandler, Continental Op work by Hammett and Bond books by Fleming.

The best of the books I read this year, or the one I've thought about the most, was probably The Bully Pulpit.  Despite the low numerical ranking I gave Live and Let Die, the most frustrating read of the year was probably Mystic River, which is a bit vexing for me as I'd like to get into more modern crime fiction.

In 2016, I want to finally wrap up the Parker book series and read more non-fiction and Chandler.  All seems pretty do-able, and when I get back into my commute, I already have a Chandler book picked out.  As per non-fiction, I'm starting with Glen Weldon's Superman: The Unauthorized Biography, which I've started and already and am loving so far despite the familiar territory it's covering.

I do really enjoy the diversion of science-fiction, and so I also plan to read Clarke's Childhood's End at some point.  I also need to read Jason Dewey Craft's book Old Green World, and there's a kind of funny story about why that hasn't happened.


Simon MacDonald said...

You didn't like, "If chins could kill"? I thought it was hilarious and a realistic look at what becoming a professional actor is like.

Paul Toohey said...

I was in a band named Red Harvest, and I don't know that I ever knew where James got the name. He was a pulp crime reader so it had to be from the book. I need to check it out.

The League said...

@simon - For a moment, I was like "man, I liked that book fine. Did I have to give it a 10? Sheesh." Then I realized I had just not scored it at all, so it set to a default of 1. I completely agree. I'd give that book at least a 7. It's a great read, especially as an audiobook with Campbell giving asides.

The League said...

I admit, I didn't do much work to clean up the numbers or manage the list, btw. I just sort of posted this while watching TV today.