Friday, January 1, 2016

JimD Returns to Blogging

I sense something.  A presence I've not felt since...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a young attorney, fresh from law school, suggested I try my hand at blogging.

I know Jim from our days at the University of Texas when we were both studying Film in the College of Communications.  Jim sat near me in our first screenwriting class, and while I have no recollection of why and how we started chatting, it seems it had something to do with comic books.  But I can't remember how comics came up.

We had an intensive writing class together the next semester, and that's when we started talking a lot, and thanks to email, our chatting continued through the end of the 90's after graduation as Jim continued his education about 90 minutes up I-35 at the famed Baylor Law School.

In 2002 or so, Jim launched a "blog" and suggested I do same.  "I've nothing to say," I protested, but in 2003, I joined Jim in the blogosphere.

Jim's blog touched on pop culture, music, movies  and other topics, but one day it kind of faded out.  Other projects were tried, including kicking around ideas for joint projects, but he hasn't been crazily active in pop culture blogging.  That said, he's both author and editor for a multi-contributor legal blog called Abnormal Use, which has won all kinds of awards and is a fascinating read for the layman.

What you also need to know is that, for a non-musician, Jim has a dedication to rock-type music that I've seen in very few other folks.  I think he and Gerry would have a lot to talk about if they ran into each other.  But, no matter how much you like music, you haven't been to as many shows as JimD.  The guy travels all over to catch bands and - while I freely admit my knowledge of music more or less stops cold about 10 years ago - Jim has kept up and is still hep to what the kids are digging, as well as continuing to explore across the past 50-60 years of popular music.

As such, he's a huge fan of The Osmonds.*

But he's also got a film degree, a keen analytical mind, lends a sophisticated eye and unique perspective to whatever he takes on, he's supposedly a good  attorney, and he's challenged me on my assumptions countless times - enough so that I very much value his insight and opinion on a great many topics.  And, his grammar is impeccable.

The point is - Jim is back.  

I encourage you to drift over to his site where he's already written about 40 songs in 40 days covering 40 years, and - of course, turning 40.

Welcome back, Jim.  It's good to have you out there in the blogosphere once more.

*this may or may not be true.

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