Wednesday, January 6, 2016

All Quiet on the Western Front: What We've Been Up To

Do as Peggy says

If it's been a little quiet around here, I apologize.

Sunday I wrapped a week-and-a-half off from work (sometimes working at a University has its privileges.  They just sent us home on the 22nd and said "don't come back til Monday the 4th"), and between writing those end of the year posts and no longer being under obligation to write about every movie I've watched, I've felt some sense of liberation and I'm enjoying it.

We also haven't watched all that many movies.  I'll still, at minimum, post the poster for whatever movie I just watched, but full write-ups won't come as often this year.  Yes, I probably should have written something about Hateful 8, but... nope.

A long while back I got Jamie the Season 1 Agent Carter BluRay set, but she's held off on watching it until now so we would get a refresher just before Season 2 arrives January 19th.

It's rare I feel so vindicated as I have about my instincts around Haley Atwell's kick-ass love interest for Cap in 2011's Captain America.  I won't lie:  Ms. Atwell is a striking lady, but I couldn't help but feel they'd found a lot of pieces in both script and actress I was interested in seeing expanded.  But the Marvel Cinematic U is pretty firmly planted in the 21st Century, so I didn't expect anything except for a lot of me saying "I wish they would have done more with Agent Carter".

Well, sometimes the universe surprises us, and not only did they make a short-seasoned TV show I thought was better than it was ever going to be, but Jamie - who liked Peggy as well in the Cap movie - was a HUGE fan.  I won major brownie points for getting her the Peggy carter Funko Pop, for example.

So, we're waiting forward to Season 2.

hold still.  All she wants is your liquor and then she'll go.

We're also slowly making our way through Jessica Jones, not because we don't like it, but it's kind of an intense show to binge-watch, and we've had some wi-fi problems with the ol' Roku until about a week ago, so we're back in.  A lengthy, lengthy post will surely be generated by this show.

I hesitate to say much until the post, and then we can all have a much-needed chat.

And, of course, yes, I'm back at work.  So, that's taking up some headspace.  It's been fun coming back from break and everyone is kind of buzzing around Star Wars.  How weird is that?  Library people normally look down their nose at you for enjoying anything that's... popular.  But everyone is all in on Rey and Co.

Am reading Superman: The Unauthorized Biography, which will be one of two books I'll now be recommending to understand everything about Superman.  And I'm now reading High Window, by Chandler, as an audiobook.

Plus, I'm really planning to get back to work on My Opus, which has made some progress this last year, but is in sore need of just being done at some point.  I've been doing some editing on the last section and now it's time to move on and write the part where bodies start piling up.  Yay, crime fiction.

Don't worry, you'll all get copies for at least 5% off when I sell it to a major publisher.

And, I recently remembered I like NBA basketball.  So, Go Spurs!  Love those guys.

Now, if I can just make my body scream less as I get back into working out again.

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